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Charles Lindbergh

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Q: Who was the first person to find the Atlantic ocean?
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Where in the world can you find great white sharks?

You can find it at south Africa, in the pacific ocean, and the Atlantic. I'm not sure of the Atlantic ocean.

What ocean did Columbus cross to find America?

The Atlantic Ocean

Who was the first to sail across the atlantic ocean to find a sea route to Asia?

john cabot

Why did it take 75 years to find titanic ship?

becuse it was in the atlantic ocean and its far from where u are the the atlantic ocean

What ocean is east of Arizona?

You will find the Atlantic Ocean East of Arizona.

In which ocean would you find Japan?


What ocean can you find in the North Pole?


What ocean lies on the west of europe?

To the west of Europe you can find the Atlantic Ocean.

Where can you find blue Wales?

you can find blue whales in the North Atlantic Ocean and the North of Pacific Ocean.

Would you be more likely to find reindeer near the Arctic or Atlantic Ocean?


Did Pierre de la Verendrye find a route from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean?

No he did not find the route from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean, as he only made it to the rocky mountains. He did not cross them. thats right... i think

Where in the world would you find jellyfish?

At an aquarium .In the Pacific Ocean .In the Atlantic Ocean .In the Indian Ocean .In the Arctic Ocean .That is my answer(x

What is between South America and Africa?

if you look on a world map you will find the Atlantic Ocean is between South America and Africa

Where do you find the newest rock in the Atlantic ocean?

SW of Iceland.

What body of water would you find the Bahamas?

Atlantic Ocean

What ocean is east of of the Pacific Ocean?

If you cross North or South America, you will find the Atlantic Ocean on the east coast.

What countries surround the Antarctic ocean?

The Southern Ocean surrounds Antarctica. North of that ocean, you can find the Pacific, the Atlantic and the Indian. Countries border the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian. No country borders the Southern Ocean.

What ocean or sea does the river st lawrence flow into?

The Atlantic Ocean. Now find it on a map.

Which ocean did Columbus go across?

On his voyages to find a route to Asia he crossed the Atlantic Ocean

Did Columbus sail across the Pacific Ocean?

Somebody said: Depends on which journy. His first one (the one that he found america) he sailed across the Atlantic ocean. I am a social studys teacher and Columbus did not find America the Vikings did but when he claimed that he found America he dd saild in the Atlantic ocean

Why did Europeans explore the Atlantic Ocean?

To find a new route to Asia

Where would you find the least dense water?

At the surface of the Atlantic ocean

Is North America east of the Atlantic Ocean?

No, North America is just west of the (North) Atlantic Ocean.That's how Columbus found us. He sailed west to find a shorter route to the East.East of the (North) Atlantic Ocean lies Europe.

Where will you find strait of Magellan?

channel at the southern tip of South America linking the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean.

What fish live in the Atlantic ocean?

Using the link, below, you can find the species of fish that live in the (seven) different sections of the Atlantic Ocean. The total number is nearly 200.