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The beehive is a woman's hairstyle that resembles a beehive. It is also known as the B-52, for its similarity to the bulbous nose of the B-52 Stratofortress bomber. It originated in the USA in 1958 as one of a variety of elaborately teased and lacquered versions of "big hair" that developed from earlier pageboy and bouffant styles. The peak of its popularity was in the 1960s, and it was especially popular in the United States and other Western countries. The beehive remains an enduring symbol of 1960s kitsch. By the late 1960s the beehive became unfashionable, although it probably continued to influence later female hair styles. The first time the beehive was presented for the public to see was on Elsa Lanchanster in the 1936 film "Frankenstein." During the 1950s it was Britain that started the roll on the beehive and it was Dusty Springfield that wore this style for the first time. The fad caught on and came to the U.S. and Canada. Because the beehive was so full of hairspray many of the young women would leave their beehive as is for a week or more. There was one myth that said if you didn't wash your hair at least twice per week and insisted on wearing the beehive for a week or more Spiders would grow nests in the hair. Of course this was never true, but the only thing parents could contrive to get their teenagers to wash the mess out of their hair.

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Q: Who was the first person to have the beehive hairstyle?
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