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who was the first country to invade in world war 2


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The first country that Germany invaded in World War 2 was Poland.

The Americans first invaded Quades House.

Ireland was a neutral country in World War 2. So it was not directly involved in the war and did not invade any countries.

Britain wasn't invaded during World War 2

Germany did not invade Canada, ever.

Operation Overlord was the name of the plan for the allies to invade France during the World War 2.

First was Poland in 1939 at Warsaw, Poland fell.

The American troops first invaded Guadalcanal during the WW2 in the month of August.

Paratroopers (fallschirmjäger)

The first invasion ever conducted by the USA in WW2 was the invasion of Guadalcanal on August 7 1942

Adolf Hiter when he invade Poland.

In World War 1 - on 4 August 1914. In World War 2 - on 10 May 1940.

Hitler didn't start World War 1, but started World War 2 by invading Poland.

He didn't invade the first country infected by him. He was already in charge. It started in Germany. Then it went to places like Holland, the rest of the Netherlands, and Polland

Hitler first sent troops to: Occupy the Rhineland Auchess with Austria Annex Czechoslovakia & Invade Poland (Which Started World War Two)

Adolf Hitler and Nazis Germany started World War II by first invading Poland, not Sweden.

When Hitler sent his army to invade poland

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