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iv'e tried looking this up and have not come across any credits with her name, good luck

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Q: Who was the girl in pa que la pases bien by arcangel?
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When was Pa' Que la Pases Bien created?

Pa' Que la Pases Bien was created in 2008-02.

How do you say have a good time girl in Spanish?

Que te diviertas nena. Que te lo / la pases bien, nena.

Que la pases bien tú también?

Have a good time you too

What is the English translation for Que pases un dia super bien?

Have a super good day.

Reggaeton hits of 2008?

i would say arcangel- pa que la pases bien Dalmata- just like sexo DJ Flex- te quiero (no matter what year this song is great) Glory- La popola those are just a few from 08'

How do you say Enjoy the food and have a great rest of the day in spanish?

Buen provecho, y que pases muy bien el resto del dia.

Have a good week your family in spanish?

Que se la pase bien con su familia el fin de semana (usted). Que se la pasen bien con su familia el fin de semana (ustedes). Que te la pases bien con tu familia el fin de semana (tú). Que os la paséis bien con vuestra familia el fin de semana (vosotros, as).

Que lo pases perro bien feliz?

Literally, "May you fare but [only] quite happily." A more liberal interpretation might be, "I hope you have a good time," or "I hope you're happy."

How do you say happy Valentines in Spanish?

Que se la pase / pasen bien en este día del amor y la amistad. Que te la pases bien en este día... Que os la paséis bien en este día... ¡Excelente / buen día del amor y la amistad!

What is que lo pases perro bien feliz in English?

Google translation: passes it well happy dog Other translations: that pass it well happy dog that you it spend happy well dog

How do you say birthday to you in spanish?

(Feliz) cumpleaños a ti. *It depends upon who the person is. If it's, say, your boss or teacher, you might say: (Feliz) cumpleaños a usted. (Which is more formal) Nontheless, in Spanish it's not very common to say: "Feliz cumpleaños a ti / a usted / a vosostros / a vos". We simply say: "Feliz cumpleaños" "Que se la / lo pase feliz / bien" "Que se la / lo pasen feliz / bien" "Que te la / lo pases feliz / bien" "Que os lo / la paséis feliz / bien"

Que duermas bien?

Que duermas bien means may you sleep well.