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Who was the god that is worship?

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Northern India. Very close to the border with what is now Nepal.

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Where do Christians worship their God?

Christians can worship their God anywhere. Christians are not limited to worship God anywhere. But they mostly worship Him in Church.

Who is god that you worship?

marasive i worship god in a methodist church

Who does God worship?

God doesn't worship anyone because he is the creator himself...but its important that we worship him.

Where do you go to worship?

You can worship God anywhere in the world. Normally Christians worship God in a church.

How Does A Person Worship God As A Scientologist?

A Scientologist does not worship god at all. They worship a different deity.

What did the christians believe about worship?

Christians worship God. We often worship with our hands up in the air in worship towards God.

Is it a right to worship freely?

God is God, so worship God, don't worry about what people think of it. It is a basic human right to love and worship God.

How do the Christians worship god?

Christians believe that they can worship God in everything that they do.

Worship of god gods or spirits?

The worship of god,gods,and spirits

Who do Sikh's worship?

They worship God.

What or who do Catholics worship?

We worship God.

Do you have to go to church to worship god?

No. worshiping God is an act. not where you are, or how you do it. You can worship God anywhere and anytime.

Worshippers of one god?

Christians worship one God. We worship the only God. Monotheists.

What religion does God worship?

None, why would God worship a religion if he is the supreme God of everything? Wouldn't he be worshiping himself if he did worship a religion?

How do Sikh's worship?

there have 10 gurug's (teachers) Sikhs worship one God. They do not worship their Guru's, the gurus are are the teachers who guide them on how to worship god

How does a Christian woman worship God?

Christian women can worship God by singing praises to His name or about Him. A woman may also worship God by reading the bible verses of worship and praise .

Does god exist in the form that you worship him in?

No God doesn't. We worship him through prayer.

Who do Jews worship at passover?

God.Jews always and only worship God.

When was Worship God created?

Worship God was created on 2002-02-26.

Why Christians worship jeasus?

Christians believe him to be God and therefore worship him as God.

Do Islam worship one god?

Yes They worship One God,Allah.

Do angels worship god in heaven?

Angels do worship GOD in heaven, this is their sole purpose, to worship honor and adore GOD. There is nothing God loves more than a worshipper.

What are three ways you worship god?

Those that worship god must worship him in spirit and in truth. 1. Seek God 2. Pray to God 3. Follow his commandments

What do hindus do to worship there god?

why do there worship ganeha

Who do siks worship?

Sikhs worship God

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