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There is no solid evidence of a second gunman.

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There has been little evidence to prove the existence of the gunman on the grassy knoll. It has been brought forward as a possibility, but nothing conclusive has been proven.

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When was Grassy Knoll - album - created?

Grassy Knoll - album - was created in 1994.

What actors and actresses appeared in Along the Grassy Knoll - 2009?

The cast of Along the Grassy Knoll - 2009 includes: Micheal Brownlow

A sentence for knoll?

Conspiracy theorists believe that a second shot came from the grassy knoll.

How would you use the word 'knoll' in a sentence?

Let's have a picnic on this grassy knoll. The knoll provided an shaded viewing area for the parade. This knoll is higher than that knoll.

What actors and actresses appeared in Grassy Knoll Edge - 2011?

The cast of Grassy Knoll Edge - 2011 includes: Paul Tripcony as Another Man

Is it true that JFK not assassinated by lone gunman?

Nobody knows for sure. After extensive investigation the blue-ribbon Warren Commission concluded that Oswald was the lone gunman, However, many people have picked flaws in the Warren report and think there was at least one other gunman shooting from a nearby grassy knoll. There are no doubt other theories of possible mutliple gunmen.

What does cota mean?

"Cota" in Spanish is Cantabrian for knoll or grassy knoll; the types of small hills found in northern Spain.

What is the most popular conspiracy theory about the Kennedy Assassination?

The most popular theory of the Kennedy Assassination is that there was a second gunman by the grassy knoll. Other theories point to an inside job done by the CIA because of the Bay of Pigs.

How do you get mw2 grassy knoll title?

Get 50 one-shot kills with a sniper rifle.

How do you use sniper in a sentence?

The sniper who shot President Kennedy was proved to have been at the grassy knoll.

What are the release dates for My Wife and Kids - 2001 Grassy Knoll 1-3?

My Wife and Kids - 2001 Grassy Knoll 1-3 was released on: USA: 4 April 2001 Germany: 29 November 2003 Hungary: 6 May 2009

Where was the shooter of John F. Kennedy?

Texas The Texas Book Depository on Deeley Plaza in Dallas Sixth floor, Texas School Book Depository on Dealey Plaza, Dallas, TX. This is the lone gunman version approved by the Warren Commission, which determined that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. Many believe there was a second gunman on the "grassy knoll" ahead and to the right of the president's limousine, but this has never been substantiated.

What state is the grassy knoll located?

Dallas, Texas. Some people believe the shot that killed President Kennedy was fired from there and not from the Texas Book Depository.

What nicknames does Knoll go by?

Knoll goes by Knoll.

Can you make a sentence using the word shimmered?

Edward's skin shimmered gently, like ripples on a pond as he stepped into the slim ray of sunlight that had lazily spread itself across the grassy knoll.

What is the plant on the Australian coat of arms?

The plant on the Australian coat of arms is the Golden Wattle. This is the floral emblem of Australia. Originally, the kangaroo and emu were standing on a grassy knoll, but this was replaced by the Golden Wattle.

A sentence using the word gunman?

The gunman dressed like a terrorist.Police shot the gunman.The gunman only had two bullets left.

What is one conspiracy theory about the assassination of President Kennedy?

The most common theory is that as well as Lee Harvey Oswald, who was witnessed firing a rifle from the window of a warehouse, a second gunman was hiding in the bushes on a grassy bank. This was because the shots were fired very quickly and many people present were confused over which direction they were coming from. If two or more gunman really had been involved, there almost certainly was a plot behind it. According to most theories, the reason why Oswald himself was shot two days later was because it was part of a cover-up. However, no bullet that actually struck anyone came from any direction other than Oswald's. If there was a Grassy Knoll gunman, he missed. The so called "Badgeman" image, long thought to be an image of a second gunman, appears to have been nothing more than shrubbery shadows and sunlight glinting off a pop bottle known and photographed as being on the wall. If there were a badgeman, he'd have been about the size of a cat... or standing in midair, far behind the wall, in clear view of any number of people.

Is a knoll the same as a mountain?

No, a knoll is a small mound or hillock.

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Max Knoll was born in 1897.

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Konrad Knoll died in 1899.

When was Konrad Knoll born?

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