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Who was the inventor of mobile phones?

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Who was the first inventor of mobile phones?

Joey Motorola

Who is the inventor of cell phones?

Martin Cooper is the inventor of the mobile phone. He was born in 1928. He invented the device in 1973. It was first available in Japan.

Who is the inventor of torque mobile phones?

Christopher Uycothe president and CEO of Topstrasse Global Inc., the company that owns the local mobile brand Torque phones. Launched in December 2008, Torque is one of the best-selling local brands of cheap but trendy phones in the Philippines today as the features of Torque phones rival those that high-end phones offer.

What do other countries call mobile phones?

Mobile phones, mobiles, cellular phones, cellphones

Are boost mobile phones as good as ATT mobile phones?

Boost mobile phones and AT&T mobile phones are very similar. In fact, some of the phones are identical. While Boost definitely is cheaper for service, I can't say that their phones are any better.

How much money were mobile phones in 1945?

There were no mobile phones in 1945.

How mobile phones effect your lives?

Mobile Phones do not affect our lives.

What phones are compatible with simple mobile?

Simple Mobile has a variety of phones on their website that are compatible with their service. Phones that are compatible with T-Mobile can also be used with Simple Mobile.

HOW fingerprint recognition through mobile phones?

Finger prints recognition's are carried out in mobile phones through embedded camera in mobile phones.

Mobile phones in business?

These are the smart phones, iPhones, and other advance mobile phones that has an internet connection.

What range of phones are offered by 3?

3 Mobile Phones offer a wide range of mobile phones and 3G mobile phones. They offer phones from companies such as: BlackBerry, Samsung, HTC, Nokia and Apple.

What is bad about mobile phones?

Mobile phones will add up the the daily expenses.

Does Skype Make Mobile Phones?

No, they don't, but they do make apps for mobile phones.

Can you transfer a t-mobile phones to a boost mobile phones?


Do t mobile sell you phones?

Yes, T Mobile sells phones.

When was Alcatel Mobile Phones created?

Alcatel Mobile Phones was created in 2004.

What is mobile phones?

The British call them 'mobile phones', the Americans call them 'cell phones'. In Germany you have 'ein Handy'!

Who is the inventor of samsang mobile?

Lee Byung-chull is the founder of Samsung. Lee Kun-hee is the chairman and Kwon Oh-hyun is the vice-chairman and CEO of Samsung Electronics which makes mobile phones.

Who is the mobile inventor?

The mobile inventor is Martin Cooper who is now in his 80's he made the first mobile motorola on april the 3rd 1973 :)

What are the challenges of wireless charging of mobile phones using microwaves?

because of using wireless charging mobile phones we can charge our mobile phones everywhere where we go.

Were there mobile phones in world war 2?

For the army there was a form of mobile phones but they were more like walkie talkies then mobile phones. Plus they were very bulky.

Is there only home phones and mobile phones?

From what i know, yes. But there can also be work phones and family phones ect. But the 2 main phones are what you asked.(mobile and home)

What companies in China offer mobile phones?

Mobile phones in China are available from China Mobile. They have a whole range of mobile phones as you would expect. The latest models are available at good prices

Why are microprocessors used in mobile phones?

Most mobile phones use ARM processors.

Can mobile phones kill you?

Mobile phones may be harmful to health. But it do not leads be fatal.