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Joseph Stalin was the key person in McCarthyism. He employed agents in the US, many in high political offices. It was named after Joseph McCarthy, a senator and republican from Wisconsin. He charged that communists were taking over the government, and took advantage of peoples concerns about communism. If succeeded at first, but eventually fell out of favor.

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2009-05-03 18:36:28
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Q: Who was the key person in McCarthyism?
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What word suggests that a person is making unsupported accusations?


How was McCarthyism a witch-hunt?

McCarthyism was a witch-hunt because it destroyed people's reputations. It was very difficult for an accused person to prove that he or she was not a Communist, and McCarthyism adopted a 'guilty until proven innocent' mindset.

Why is McCarthyism called McCarthyism?

as it was under a senator communist

Why did McCarthyism fall out of flavor?

Why did McCarthyism fall out of flavor?

What are the key features of McCarthyism?

Fear mongering, exagerated claims, unsubstantiated claims, character assasination, anti-communist rhetoric,

How do you use the word McCarthyism in a sentence?

This is an example of a sentence with the word McCarthyism: McCarthyism was a political witch hunt carried out in the middle of the twentieth century.

What is the significance of McCarthyism?

McCarthyism are attacks (made) by Senator Joseph McCarthy (and others).

The perspective from which the media covered anticommunism and McCarthyism?

the persepective from which the media covered anticommunism and mccarthyism

What was the time line of mccarthyism?

McCarthyism started after WWII in the 50's, when communism started.

How did mccarthyism start?

Explain how McCarthyism affected the lives and political thinking of people in the U.S

What does the term McCarthyism mean?

Accusing people of disloyalty without proof

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What were the causes of McCarthyism?


How was the McCarthyism able to happen?

McCarthyism was able to happen because people had an extreme fear of communism.

What was the concern with McCarthyism?

Hysteria and Concern rose up as McCarthyism gained more influence and power over society.

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Which work of at was inspired by the 1950s era of McCarthyism in the United States

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Who was involved in mccarthyism?

Joseph McCarthy.

What caused mccarthyism?

Paranoia. not right!

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