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King Farouk was the last king of Egypt who was forced to abdicate by a military coup in 1952. His infant son was then technically the king, but he was just a baby and never ruled. In 1953 the monarchy was abolished and Egypt became a republic.

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Q: Who was the last king of Egypt?
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Who the last king of Egypt?

King Farouk

What is the name of a famous person from Egypt?

King Farouk, last King of Egypt.

Was the last queen of Egypt Cleopatra?

No. The last queen of Egypt was queen Mariman, the wife of the last king of Egypt, Farouk. Cleopatra was, however, the last queen of what we call "ancient Egypt"

Who was the last king of Ancient Egypt?

The last Pharaoh in Ancient Egypt was Cleopatra VII (7th)

Who was the last queen Egypt?

The last queen of Egypt was Queen Nariman, the wife of King Farouk.

What was the last queen of Egypt?

The last queen of Egypt was Queen Narriman, the wife of Egypt's last king, Farouk.

Where was cleopartra queen?

Cleopatra was the wonderful king of Egypt, She was the last women king of egypt! She was the best ruler!

What was the last queen of Eygpt?

The last queen of Egypt was named Nariman. She was the wife of King Farouk, who was Egypt's last king.

Does Egypt have a king or Queen?

Currently, no. The last King of Egypt was King Farouk who was deposed in the 1954 Revolution by Populist Leader Gamal Abdel Nasser.

What was Egypt's last emperor?

The last King of Egypt was King Faud II (to 1953), who was deposed after the revolution of 1952.

Shah farooq the last Muslim king of which Muslim country?

the King Farooq was the last king in Egypt before the revolution in 1952, he used to be "King" not "Shah"

Who was the last Egyptian ruler of Egypt prior to 1952?

Farouk, king of Egypt (1936-52)

How old was the last king of Egypt when he died?

The last king of ancient Egypt was Ptolemy XV, the son of Cleopatra and allegedly, Julius Caesar. He co-ruled along with his mother. He was about 18 years old when he died.

Where the Assyrians part of ancient Egypt?

No, but Assyria did conquer Egypt under the rule of Assurbanipal, the last great king of Assyria.

When was king titi a pharaoh in Egypt?

last year . lol nah but visit

Who is the king in Egypt?

Egypt has not had kings or royalty for over 60 years. The last king was King Farouk 1 who was the tenth ruler from the Muhammad Ali Dynasty. He was deposed by a group of army officers led by Colonel Gamal Abdel Nasser in 1952.

Was king narmer of archaic Egypt a king of lower Egypt who conquered upper Egypt to unify Egypt or was he a king of upper Egypt who conquered lower Egypt about 3000 bce?

King Menes is credited with the unification of Egypt, as the first pharaoh. King Narmer is considered by some to be the unifier of Egypt and founder of the First Dynasty, and therefore the first pharaoh of Unified Egypt.

How did ramsesii become king of Egypt?

yes he did become king of Egypt

Why is the pharaoh the king of Egypt?

Because the title of 'King' in Egypt was 'Pharaoh'.

Who is Ramses in Egypt?

He was the king of Egypt.

Who was the king of Egypt when Joseph fled to Egypt after the birth of Jesus Christ?

A:Egypt was a Roman province at the relevant time. There was no king of Egypt.

Why was king Tutankhamun one of the last pharaohs?

Egypt was being taken over by the Greek- Romans by this time.

Who is the last king in Egypt?

Nectanebo II, or Senedjemibra Setepenamen Nekhtharehbe, the great nephew of Nectanebo I. This is the last indigenous ("African") King who was on the throne who Alexander of Macedonia overthrew in 332 BC. Everyone else is a usurper of the throne of Kemet (Ancient Egypt as the English version is known).

Did King Tutankhamun live in Egypt?

Yes, king Tut lived in Egypt

The first king of combined Egypt?

the first king of comnined Egypt was menes