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Q: Who was the leader for the enlightenment in America?
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Who were the leadersof the enlightenment in America?

sorry, mate, no enlightenment in America. Europeans only

What country was the leader in navigation during the enlightenment?


Which American leader best exemplified the Enlightenment through his scientific discoveries and inventions?

Benjamin Franklin is the American leader recognized for his scientific discoveries and inventions during the Enlightenment period.

Which American leader's discoveries and inventions characterized the Enlightenment?

Benjamin Fraklin

What century enlightenment begin in?

The cultural movement known as Enlightenment occured in the 18th century. Enlightenment started in Europe, but it quickly moved to the colonies of America.

Who were the of the enlightenment in America?

Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine A+

How did the enlightenment impact both the American and French revolutions?

the enlightenment affect the revolutions in England and America by making them into wealthier states

The french father of enlightenment who was a brilliant mathematician?

Rene Descartes was a French philosopher and brilliant mathematician. He is considered by many to be an early leader and father of the enlightenment movement.

What person who fully personified the enlightenment in America was?

Benjamen Franklin

What event in the northern America led to the enlightenment?

The American Revolution

Who were the leaders the enlightenment in America?

Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine A+

Who was the most important embodiment of the enlightenment in america?

Benjamin Franklin