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Who was the leader of Austria during World War 2?


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Austria was annexed by Germany in April 1938 and remained part of Germany till May 1945. It didn't have its own leader.
Austria was part of Germany in WWII -Feewet


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Until his death, Franz Joseph I of Austria was the leader of the Austro Hungarian Empire during World War I. After he died, his nephew Charles I of Austria took over.

I believe you are asking what started World War I and that would be the assassination of the Austria-Hungary leader

There was no Austria-Hungary after WWI it was broken up after the first world war

Emperor of Austria-Hungary during WW1Franz Josef I of Austria

Kaiser Wilhelm was the leader of world war 1

Joseph Stalin was a communist leader of the USSR during World War 2.

Kurt Schuschnigg : 29 July 1934 - 11 March 1938 .


Bosnia wasn't an independent nation during the First World War, it was owned by Austria-Hungary at the time, the Emperor-King of Austria-Hungary was Franz-Joseph I until his death in 1916 and Charles I from 1916 until the dissolution of Austria-Hungary in 1918.

Adolf Hitler was the dictator during World War II. He was the leader of the German during that time.

Austria-Hungary attempted to invade Serbia during World War One.

Adolf Hitler was the Nazis dictator who was the leader of Germany during World War II.

one of the leaders for austria-hungary was frans joesph

That would be Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria.

Vladimir Lenin was the Communist leader during the last few months of World War 1

Hideki Tojo was the leader of japan in world war 2.

There was no single leader during WW1. Each country had their own leader.

The leader for England during World War 1 was King George V. The leader of the United States was President Woodrow Wilson.

If you're talking about Austria-Hungary and the one whose death started World War I, that would be Archduke Franz Ferdinand. During World War II, considering that it started in 1939, Austria was already a part of Nazi Germany, making Hitler the leader of Austria (and all other German countries excluding Switzerland and Liechtenstein). Not sure who was in charge of Hungary during this time...

Antonia Solandra was a leader in Italy during world war I. Antonia Solandra was a leader in Italy during world war I.

Austria-Hungary fought in the Battle of Ginghames during World War One. This battle was between Austria-Hungary and Italy.

He served during the 1st World War and was leader of the German nation during the 2nd World War .

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