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Q: Who was the leader of Vietnam when it received independence from Japan in 1945?
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The Vietminh formed initially in Vietnam to?

Win independence from Japan

Vietnam declared independence in 1940 hahahahaha?

Japan surrendered to the allies ending WW2 in 1945; Japan departed Vietnam the same year. Vietnam declared its independence from France in 1945. Vietnam was occupied by Japan during WW2, but it had been a French colony for more than a century prior.

What were the problems which were encountered in Vietnam in the 1940?

In September of 1940, Japan seized possession of Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. In 1941, the Viet Minh, which was the League for the Independence of Vietnam, was founded.

Which of these nations supported the independence of North Vietnam from France in 1950BEAD?

Hours after Japan's surrender in World War II, Vietnamese communist Ho Chi Minh declares the independence of Vietnam from France.

Why did japan leave Vietnam?

Japan left Vietnam because the US won the Vietnam War. The US effectively kicked them out of the area. This was preventing China from invading Vietnam as well.

Who Vietnam fought?

Japan fought Vietnam during that war

When did Japan obtain its independence from its colonists?

Japan obtained its independence from its colonists in 660 BCE.

1 How did nationalism lead to independence in India and Vietnam?

Who said "Nationalism lead to independence in India and Vietnam?" India and Vietnam have nothing to do with each other. India was a crown colony of the UK until the end of WWII. British India was never conquered by Japan; although the British/allies did stop the Japanese army at Imphal in 1944 which was as deep as the Japanese army got into India during the war. After WWII, the British simply granted independence to India (no longer a crown colony). Vietnam was taken from France by Japan (no matter how politically correct historians want to word the conquest, it was taken) during WWII. When WWII ended in 1945 Japan relinquished her conquests, and Vietnam was one of them. When France attempted a return to Vietnam, the nationals (Vietnamese) resisted (called the 1st Indo China War or French Indo China War). That war went on from 1946 until 1954.

Who was Japan's leader in the middle ages?

Japan's military leader was Minamoto Yoritomo.

What colony did Vietnam belong to?

France and Japan.

Ending for Japan or Vietnam?

What war for the first? Communists won the war in Vietnam.

What is the leader of Japan position?

To lead Japan.