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Q: Who was the leader of the saracens?
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What was salad ins role in the crusades?

He was the leader of the saracens( muslim army)

When was Saracens F.C. created?

Saracens F.C. was created in 1876.

What is a saracens?

Saracens is use to describe a Muslim during the time of the Crusades.

When was Cheltenham Saracens F.C. created?

Cheltenham Saracens F.C. was created in 1964.

Who distroyed the roman empire?

It was the saracens. After the empire was distroyed, the Turkish empire was started there by the saracens.

When was saracens head built?


What is the best rugby club?


What best defines Saracens?

another name for the Muslims

How did the crusaders who were not killed by the saracens?

The question is not clear enough.

What name did the christians call their Muslim enemies in the middle ages?

Infidels Correction: Muslims called Christians Infidels. Christians called Muslims Saracens.

How does sir guy show his bias against the Saracens fighters?

Sir Guy and some other Christians held religious bias again the Saracens. !

What is the meaning behind the term saracens?

The term Saracens was a term that was widely used in the Medieval times. It was used to describe people of Muslim faith or of Easter/Middle-Easter descent.