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Q: Who was the longest European Champion?
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Who was the longest reigning ECW Champion?

The wrestler with the longest reign as ECW Champion is Shane Douglas (406 days).

Who was the first WWE European champion?

The first WWE European Champion was The British Bulldog.

Who was the longest reining WWE heavyweight champion?

Triple H Was The longest Reigning Champion In WWF...In WWE Batista Was The Longest Reigning Champion In Smackdown!

Who was the first ever WWE European Champion?

The first ever WWE European Champion was The British Bulldog

When was European Champion Cup Final Four created?

European Champion Cup Final Four was created in 2008.

How do you get the European Champion in WWE 12?

Do Sheamus's ENTIRE RTWM story;One night they'll come and Sheamus will declare himself the European Champion not the US champion

Who was the last European Champion European Champion?

Rob Van Dam was the actual last holder of the title but since he unified it with Intercontinental Championship, he's not considered the last European Champion. The one that had it before him is Jeff Hardy.

Longest losing streak by NBA champion?


Who is the longest running Woman's Champion?

The Fabulous Moolah.

Who is the longest serving wrestling champion?

the longest championship reign in wwe history was for 1,083 days

Who is the longest reigning flyweight boxing champion?

Chris John

Who is the longest reigning UFC heavyweight champion?

brock lesnar