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Who was the most famous highwayman?

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Who was the most famous highwayman and why?

The most famous highwayman is Dick Turpin because he attacks the most around England.

Who was the last highwayman to die?

James Snook was the last Highwayman to die. However, he was defiantly not the most famous highwayman

Who is the most famous highwayman and why?

Dick turpin

What was the name of a famous highwayman?

Dick Turpin was probably the most famous.

What is the name of the most famous highwayman?

Dick Turpin

Who was the most famous highwaymen?

Jesse James is probably the most famous highwayman of the American West.

Are there any famous highwayman?

Yes, Dick Turpin is a famous highwayman.

Who were the most famous highwaymen?

Dick Turpin was a very famous highwayman but the most famous one of all was Benjamin Franklin.

Who was a famous highwayman?

Claude Du Vally, James Malanie, and John "Sixteen String Jack" Ryann were all famous Highwaymen and were all executed for there crimes. and dick Turpin. dick was properly the most famous highwayman if you look it on www.a famous highwayman it will say lots of stuff ( warning it is very long) and did you know two ladies dressed up as men to be a highwayman.

What famous highwayman robbed Essex?

Dick Turpin. He was a famous highwayman (thief) in England, born in or before 1705, and died in 1739.

What is Alfred noyes famous for?

writing the highwayman

Who was most poplur highwayman?

Dick Turpin is a well known Highwayman.

What is Bess in relationship to a highwayman?

Black Bess was the name of the hose of the famous English highwayman Richard (Dick) Turpin.

Why was Dick Turpin so famous?

Dick Turpin was famous for being a highwayman.

Any famous highwayman?

dick turpin robin hood

What famous phrase did highwayman say when they hijacked a carriage?

Stand and deliver.

Alfred noyes the highwayman?

it is a poem written by Alfred Noyes and is very famous now a days

Why was Robin Hood an highwayman?

he was'nt a highwayman

Who is the highwayman in the story the highwayman?

robin hood

Which character in The Highwayman is jealous of the highwayman?


Who Wrote the poem 'the highwayman'?

Alfred Noyes wrote The Highwayman

Who is the last highwayman?

The last highwayman was James Snook

What is the topic for the highwayman?

The topic is love because the highwayman is in love with the landlord's daughter (Bess) and Tim is jealous of the highwayman.

What is the conflict of the highwayman?

The authorities might pursue the highwayman and/or kill him.

What does the highwayman look like?

Which Highwayman? There were hundreds over the years.

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