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Who was the most famous pottery makers?

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I would say that the Gardiner range of pottery, made for the monarchs and VERY well to do was the major pottery house of history. The clay was such that any poison which came into contact would crack the pottery.

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How did miwok bead makers most likely get Chinese pottery?

The chinese lost it

Who are the three most famous violin makers?

Three most famous violin makers (families) mentioned are Stradivari, Guarneri and Amati.

Is pottery the most famous craft in Hawaii?


Is Hawaii's most famous craft the making of pottery products?

Yes! Hawaii is very famous for the pottery products there. Here is your Wiki answer.

Who was a famous roman pottery maker?

No famous Roman pottery maker at all.

How does clay turn into pottery?

The makers sculpt the clay in order to make pottery and then put it in a oven and let it harden.

Who did Japanese pottery makers borrow techniques and designs from?

Japanese art was enriched by ideas from other cultures. Japanese pottery makers borrowed techniques and designs from Korea to create handsome ceramic pieces. korea

What is the California pottery makers names in the 1950s and 1960s?

Maurice of California was one.

What is staffordshire famous for?


What is the places famous for pottery in Sri Lanka?

The famous place for pottery in Sri Lanka is Molagoda. on Kandy Road.

What is Maria Martinez famous for?

She was famous for her pottery and how well she did things

Who is the most famous sewing machine maker?

Singer is one of the most well known sewing machine makers.

What different types of knowlege and skills would the babylonians need to build the hanging gardens?

They needed rope makers, pottery makers, mason and good engineers.

Who is Clarice Cliffs?

Clarice Cliffs was a pottery artist. She worked at Newport Pottery for Colley Shorter. She is known for her strong colors. Some of her most famous patterns were Bizzare and Fantastique.

What is Stoke on Trent famous for making?


Where is the place famous for pottery in srilanka?


What helped find the migratory path of the Bantu peoples?

The Bantu tribes, who migrated from central Africa into most of southern Africa as well, were pottery makers who traded extensively in the region. Identified mosaics and other pottery helped mark the paths that the Bantu took in their migrations.

Who were the violin makers of 19th century Europe?

The most famous ones were the Italian apprentices of Stradivari and Amati.

List of famous pottery makers names?

Notable pottery artists are; Royal Doulton started by John Doulton and continued by his son Henry. Josiah Wedgwood and Enoch Wedgwood of the famous blue Wedgwood fame. Josiah Spode had success with blue-transfer printing and bone china formula development. Thomas Minton produced tableware and earthenware with the popular willow pattern.

What is the East Midlands famous for?

Lace (in Nottingham) and pottery

What is Brittany's famous pottery called?

minton & wedwood

Who Are 2 famous violin makers of the 18th century?

📷 The most famous violin makers, between the early 16th century and the 18th century included: Micheli family of Italian violin makers, Zanetto Micheli 1490 - 1560, Pellegrino Micheli 1520 - 1607, Giovanni Micheli 1562 - 1616

When did pottery start?

10,000 years ago. Most civilizations used pottery.

What does brenda McMahon do?

Brenda is a famous ceramist (the art of pottery)

Renault and peugeot are famous french makers of what?