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Q: Who was the only goddess to have neither mother or father?
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Which goddess had neither a mother nor a father?

Aphrodite was born from the sea, from Cronus' blood. She had no real mother of father. **It wasn't his "blood" that spawned her. The only goddess that had no precedent was Khaos. It was from Chaos that Gaea sprang and Gaea is the mother of us all.

Who was the only god to have neither mother or father?


Who were Muhammads sister's and brothers?

Muhammad was an only child. Neither his father nor his mother had any other children.

if a mother blood type o+ the father blood type is b+ the child is a+ can he be father that child?

No. The mother only has type O antigens and the father has type B (and possibly O). Neither of them could have supplied the type A antigens to the child.

Who are Persephone's siblings?

According to legend, the Greek goddess Persephone does not have any siblings. Her mother, Demeter, and her father, Zeus, only had one child together.

By a parent mean both mother or father or only one-?

Only one parent mother or father

What is your relationship with your father's sister's mother's only daughter-in-law?

Your father's sister is your aunt. Her mother is also your father's mother, and thus your grandmother. If your grandmother has only one daughter-in-law, and if your father is married to your mother, then your mother is that daughter-in-law.

Who had neither a father nor mother and was not born and did not die?

The only Bible character who didn't have any parents and wasn't born and never died, was Melchizedek.

Who is Christianitys gods goddess?

There is no goddess in Christianity. Only the God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit known as the trinity.

Can a father take a newborn from its mother?

NO. only if the mother is unfit.

How is Aeacus considered a Demi-God if his parents were both immortal his father was Zeus and his mother was nymph?

Aeacus is considered a Demi-God because Zues is a god and his mother, although, immortal, was not a goddess, but the daughter of the river goddess, and therefore a nymph. A Demi god is only part god, which Aeacus is.

What role do mother or father play in the wiccan religion?

Mother and father are equals. Only in heavy discussions the word of the mother is final.

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