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Who was the poet who resented the Institution of marriage?

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comment on institution of marriage in Tom Jones

homosexuality does not go against the institution of marriage, much in the same way that being color blind does not go against the institution of marriage.homosexuality does not go against the institution of marriage, much in the same way that being color blind does not go against the institution of marriage.

It will not, just as interracial and interfaith marriage did not destroy the institution.

No. Marriage is an "institution" not a "constitution."

marriage institutions are different types of marriage

marriage is the hardest institution ever

It is an institution of bondage for a woman

It doesn't. The legalization of same-sex marriage merely represents an end to the discriminatory exclusion of gays and lesbians from the institution.

god originated marriage and humans made the institution of marrige and they do with it what they please!

According to the poet the trans dance and whirl with movement swift like a marriage procession with music loud

After suffering a mental breakdown, she was committed to an institution. An example of a financial institution is the local bank. The institution of marriage is considered sacred in many societies.

The institution of marriage, the institution of government, the institution of armed forces, the institution of the Kingdom of God are all institutions seen often in the Bible.

Marriage is a social institution. Camels do not marry.

Marriage is a sacred institution in Islam. No man and woman can live together as husband and wife without proper marriage.

Unlike a Civil or Court marriage which is more of a Contract marriage, Hindu marriage is an institution since a group of Bridegroom's relations and friends come in the form of a Baraat to marry at the Bride's place in the presence of her group of relations and friends and then there the marriage is solemnised. The attendants witnessing the ceremony become the pillars of that institution.

You are banned from the institution of marriage for life.

An institution of society is a well-established and structured pattern of behavior or of relationships that is accepted as a fundamental part of a culture. For example marriage:

Society. Check the link herein pls, thank you:

Marriage is an institution where a man and a woman form a union and make a family. In many cases, the aim of marriage is to provide companionship and to procreate.

i have resented doing that ever since i did it

He always resented the rug she insisted on having in the bedroom.The tax man is a very resented person.

Yes, it ridicules the institution of marriage in the 19th century.

To reinforce or weaken what has been instituted is unfortunately one's point of view, and the debate will be vast.

Yes, but it's more a parody/mockery/satire of love, and how it has nothing to do whatsoever with the institution of marriage.

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