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Q: Who was the president the jay treaty approved by senate?
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Who was president during the jay treaty?

These nuts where president when the John Jay's Treaty was signed in london, in 1794.

When was jay's treaty approved by congress?

February 29, 1796

Who cast the deciding vote enacting the Jay treaty?

John Adams, as vice president, was the presidnet of the Senate during Washington's presidency. This means that at any point where the vote was split in the Senate, he was the deciding vote. Regarding Jay's treaty, Adams voted for the treaty, as this is what Washington would have wanted. Nevertheless, much of the public disagreed with his vote.

Who argued the senate to reject Jay's Treaty?

George Washington

Did George Washington urge the senate to reject jay's treaty?

no he urged them to accept it.

What treaties did George Washington sign?

George Washington signed one treaty while president of the United States. It was the Jay Treaty that resolved some of the remaining issues of the Revolutionary War.

Why was the jay treaty called jay treaty?

its called jays treaty cause it was jay himself who wrote the treaty.

When was the Jay Treaty signed?

The date in which the Jay Treaty was signed was November 19, 1794.

How is jay's treaty and pickney's treaty similar?

Pinckney's treaty solidified an alliance with Spain, and Jay's treaty helped the British-American relations. Also, America got Florida from Spain from Pickney's Treaty, and the British left America with Jay's treaty

Who was the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court sent to England by President Washington?

President Washington sent Chief Justice John Jay to London to negotiate a treaty with England. Jay was responsible for the negotiating the Treaty of London, also called Jay's Treaty, in 1794.The terms angered many Americans, who thought the British were given more favorable terms than was reasonable, but historians believe it helped avert a second war with England.

What was some of George Washington accomplishments?

he was the first president of the united states he signed the Jay Treaty marking the beginning of peace

Where was Jay's treaty?