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Yes,Jay's Treaty allowed British soldiers to remain on American soil until 1803,because of this,many people opposed Jay's Treaty.

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Q: Did Jay's Treaty allow British soilders to remain on American soil until 1803?
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Did many people oppose jays treaty because it allowed british soldiers to remain on American soil until 1803?

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Who was in The Americans?

American colonists seeking independence ... American loyalists seeking to remain part of the British empire ... Irish soldiers fighting in the British Army ... poor seamen pressed into service in the British Navy ... German mercenaries hired by the British ... French volunteers for the American side ... etc., etc.

Are loyalist also british?

Not necessarily. A loyalist was an American colonist who wanted to remain loyal to Great Britain.

How did the British Empire become part of World War 1?

The British Empire was drawn into the war when Germany declared war on Belgium. According to the Treaty of London of 1839, Belgium was to remain neutral and sovereign at all times.

What did the loyalist beleve?

A loyalist wanted to remain loyal to England, they did not support the American Revolution and some fought along side the British Regulars.

Did the Mexican American residents of New Mexico and California territories become U.S citizens?

The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo gave to Mexicans in the newly purchased territories the choice of U.S. citizenship or Mexican citizenship. However, the Treaty provided that if they chose to remain Mexican citizens, they must relocate.

What is the most likely reason that American law has many Latin terms?

American law has its roots in British law. In turn, British law can trace its history back to the time of the Roman occupation in some cases. However, many of the British laws were written in Latin, being the language of scholars and academics in the country for many centuries after the Romans packed up and left. Although much of the Latin is being removed from British law, some still remain and are likely to remain as they are effectively adopted into the English Language. The same is the case in the US where Latin terms are perhaps sounding strange these days but remain perfectly understood.

Who were the British in the American revolution?

Among combattants--soldiers who actually took part in the fighting--there were: - British regular army (commonly referred to as "Redcoats"); - Loyalist militias composed of people living in the American colonies but wishing to remain British subjects; - Hessian (German) mercenaries hired to fight on behalf of the British. Among civilians, there were some who supported the King and some who supported the revolution.

What are the loyalists?

Loyalists are people who remain loyal to the established ruler or government of a country ( I.e. colonist of the American Revolutionary period who supported the British)

What was the Reinsurance Treaty?

The Reinsurance treaty was a treaty made in 1887 (Prior to WWI) between Russia and Germany stating that if either country were declared war upon the other country would remain neutral.

A loyalists that fought in the revolution was?

Loyalists were those persons opposed to the American Revolution. They believed that Americans should be happy to remain British colonies. They were also called "Tories".

How long was Ireland under British rule?

Until 1922 when the Anglo-Irish Treaty was signed which gave 26 of the 32 counties of Ireland independance but the 6 countries that now remain part of Northern Ireland remained under British control.This led to the Irish civil war - a war between republicans who felt the Treaty should never have been signed and wanted to fight on until a full 32 country independance was achieved and those who were pro Treaty