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James A. Garfield (1881)

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Q: Who was the second president to be killed?
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What was the second president to be killed in office?

James Garfield was the second president to be assassinated.

Who was the second US president to be killed?

William McKinley

Was Abraham Lincoln president twice?

He was elected president twice, but he was killed during the second month of his second term.

Who killed the second president?

The second president of the United States was John Adams. He died on July 4, 1826 in his home without an assassin.

Who was the 2nd US president to be assassinated?

James Garfield , killed in 1881,was the second assassinated US president. He was shot and killed 16 years after the assassination of Lincoln.

What US president was assassinated in 1898?

No US President was assassinated in 1898-- President McKinley was shot and killed in September, 1901, in his second term.

How many times did president Lincoln serve as president?

Lincoln was elected twice, but was killed about a month after he began his second term.

Lincoln cant complete his second term as president?

He was killed by John Wilkes Booth during his 2nd term as president.

Did Lincoln have a vice president that went on to be president?

Abraham Lincoln's second Vice President, Andrew Johnson, became President when Pres. Lincoln was killed in April, 1865.

How do you spell president mickinly?

The 25th President of the US was William McKinley (served 1897-1901, killed in office and succeeded by his second Vice President, Theodore Roosevelt).

Who was the vice president of Lincoln?

Hannibal Hamlin was President Lincoln's Vice President during his first term, and Andrew Johnson was Vice President during his second term, which lasted 6 weeks. President Lincoln was killed about 6 weeks into his second term, and Vice President Johnson became President.

How long was Abraham Lincoln president before he was killed?

Four years and 42 days. He was shot only about 1 1/2 months into his second term.

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