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Dorothea Dix of the United States Sanitary Commission.

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Who side was Nevada on in the Civil War?

Nevada was on the unions side in the civil war

What was the unions capital during the civil war?

Washington D.C was the unions capital.

Why was there a growth of craft unions during the Civil War?

There were growing craft unions during the Civil War for a few reasons. One of these reasons that they needed to have unity.

What was the Unions objective in the civil war?

To prevent the succession of the Confederate States.

What were the unions advantages in the civil war?

Britain supplied them with weapons. And they won!

Who were unions during the civil war?

the people that were wearing blue uniforms

What is a Civil War coin?

A civil war coin was a coin produced during the period of the civil war. It had an Indian head on it.

What was the Union's plan of attack during the civil war?

what was the unions plan of attack during the civil war

How did the Civil War begin?

Answer:The civil war began when confederate forces fired on the Unions fort Sumter In the harbor of Charleston, South Carolina on 12th April, 1861.

Why is Gettysburg considered a turning point in the Civil War?

Because it was the unions first major victory.

Was Elvis Presley in the Civil War?

did you hit your head when you got up this morning?no Elvis Presley was not in the Civil War.

What was the name of the English king who lost his head during the English civil war?

Charles I of England was the English king who lost his head during the English civil war.

Who was the winner of the Civil War battle?

The winner of the Civil War were the Unions the confederates were the ones who started the was by first wanting to leave and then when they bombed a harbor near south carolina for 48 hours the war had begun. In the beggening years of the war the great general Robert Lee was winning every battle then after battle of gettysburg the Unions started winning their battles and in the end they won the war.

Is Robert E Lee Pre-Civil War or Civil War?

Civil War. He was a general for the Confederate Army. Although he was against slavery and agreed with the unions ideas, he couldn't bear to not fight for his home, VA, let alone fight against it.

What important contribution did dorothea dix make on society?

Dorothea Dix's controbution to society was to help the menally ill in Jails. Her controbution was also to help the soldiers in the Civil War, by being the Superinendent of nures.

What is the unions capital?

In the US civil war, the union meant the United States and its capital remained in Washington, DC.

What are the 3 presidents 2 unions and 1 confederate of the Civil War?

Buchanan and Lincoln for the north; Davis for the south

What are the name of the unions in the civil war?

Federals is one name. Another, more popular one is the term "Yankees."

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