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Who were Marie Antoinette's children?


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Marie Antoinette had four children :

  • Marie Therese Charlotte de Bourbon was the first of Marie Antoinette's children. Marie Therese was born December 19, 1778. Marie Therese died on October 19, 1851 of pneumonia.
  • Louis Joseph Xavier Francois de Bourbon, Dauphin de France, was born on October 22, 1781, but only lived until he was seven years old. He died on June 4, 1789.
  • Louis XVII Charles, Roi de France, was born on March 27, 1785. On July 3, 1793, Louis XVII was taken from Marie Antoinette for "re-education" and never saw her again. He was taken to France for his "re-education", he was abused and very mistreated. He later died of tuberculosis in 1795.
  • Marie Sophie Helen Beatrice de Bourbon was born on July 9, 1786. She lived less than a year. She died on June 19, 1787.