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Who were all the number 12 in NBA history?

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John Stockton wears number 12 while he was playing in Utah, Jazz.

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Basketball number 12?

John Stockton. The best point guard in NBA history!

Which nba players wore number 12?


Who wears number 12 in the nba now?

Dwight howard

Worst Record in NBA history?

The Charlotte Bobcats going 7-58 in the 2012 NBA regular season, it is the worst record in the history of the NBA 7 win and 58 losses is a .12 winning percentage. It isn't that good.

When was NBA All-Star Challenge created?

NBA All-Star Challenge was created in 1992-12.

What NBA team has the highest winning percentage in the NBA finals?

1982-83 Philadelphia 76ers have the best winning percentage in NBA Playoffs history at .923 (12-1).

How many championships did Micheal Jordan win?

he won 12 third most in nba history

What was John Stockton's jersey number?

John Stockton was number 12 throughout his NBA career.

How long is an NBA quarter?

An NBA quarter is 12 minutes long excluding all stoppage of play.

How many players are in NBA all-star game?

This year the number has been expanded to 15 on each team, however; last year the number was only 12.

Who made the first three-point basket in NBA history?

== == Chris Ford, of the Boston Celtics, made the first three-point shot in NBA history on October 12, 1979.

What is the time limit of basketball?

In the NBA all quarters are 12:00.

Who shot the first 3 pointer in nba history?

Kevin Grevey of the Washington Bullets made the first 3-pointer in an official NBA game on October 12, 1979.

How many NBA all-star games has Shaquille O'Neal been in?

Shaquille O'Neal has been selected to play in 15 NBA All-Star games. However, due to injuries in several of the seasons, O'Neal only played in 12 All-Star Games. He was selected to play in the following games (the ones he played are in bold):1993 NBA All-Star game1994 NBA All-Star game1995 NBA All-Star game1996 NBA All-Star game1997 NBA All-Star game1998 NBA All-Star game2000 NBA All-Star game2001 NBA All-Star game2002 NBA All-Star game2003 NBA All-Star game2004 NBA All-Star game2005 NBA All-Star game2006 NBA All-Star game2007 NBA All-Star game2009 NBA All-Star game

What is the biggest 4th-quarter comeback in the history of the NBA finals?

The Biggest comeback in NBA Playoff and Finals history was on June 12, 2008 when the Boston Celtics rallied from a 24 point deficit to beat the Lakers 107-101

How many All-Star games has Magic Johnson been in?

Magic Johnson has been selected to play in 12 NBA All-Star games. However, due to injury in 1989, Johnson decided to sit out the All-Star game that season. He was selected to play in the following games (the ones he played are in bold):1980 NBA All-Star game1982 NBA All-Star game1983 NBA All-Star game1984 NBA All-Star game1985 NBA All-Star game1986 NBA All-Star game2087 NBA All-Star game2088 NBA All-Star game2089 NBA All-Star game2090 NBA All-Star game2091 NBA All-Star game2092 NBA All-Star game

Which game is better Fifa 12 or NBA 2k 12?

Hmm.. I think it's NBA 2k 12

Kobe Bryant all records in NBA?

81 POINT GAME : Second Highest Feat in NBA history. 12 THREE POINTERS: Most in a single game by One Player. 9 STRAIGHT THREE'S: Most Consecutive Three Pointers in a one game by a Player.

How many jersey number has Michael Jordan had in his nba career?

We all know #23 and #45, however he had a game in Florida where his jersey was stolen and chose to where #12 for one game.

What is history of 12 gauge serial number 198573?

Impossible to answer with just the serial number. Need a detailed description of all markings, condition, box, papers, accessories, etc..

Who holds the nba record for most number of 3-pointers in a game?

kobe bryant-12 threes

How many times has Kevin garnett made the nba all-star game?


What player in the nba wears number 12?

There have been 332 players who wore the number 12 in the NBA and ABA at one point. Some notable current players are LaMarcus Aldridge, Shannon Brown, Kirk Hinrich, Dwight Howard, Kevin Martin, Tyrus Thomas, Al Thornton

How many people make an nba all-star team?

24 all together 12 each team

What are the release dates for 1995 NBA All-Star Game - 1995 TV?

1995 NBA All-Star Game - 1995 TV was released on: USA: 12 February 1995