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During the second World War, Germany, Japan, Italy, Romania, Hungary, and Bulgaria formed the Axis powers.

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When did the war between allies and Germany end?

Assuming that you are referring to the end of the 2nd World War, Germany capitulated on the 8th of May, 1945.

Which was the 1st south American country to enter 2nd world war?

Peru was the first South American nation to align with the United States and its allies against Germany and Japan.

What side did Italy and Germany sent troops over to help in world war 2?

Italy, Germany and Japan were know as the Axis powers during the second world war. They were opposed by the Allies made up of pretty much everyone else; the UK, America, Canada, Soviet Union, Australia and the remaining forces of the occupied countries in Europe and Asia including France, Poland, Holland, Belgium, China. The Axis countries were the aggressors during the 2nd world war, they attacked and occupied other nations. The Allies were the countries who sent troops overseas to defeat them.

What happen in Germany after 2nd world war?

Germany was partitioned by USA,Britain, and the USSR

What products do germany import?

mp40s in the 2nd world war

Who was the Russian leader in the 2nd world war?

Joseph Stalin was the leader recognized by the U.S. and its allies.

What was the time period of the 2nd world war?

its is widly concidered to be the greatest generation of people! for the allies.

Who won World War 2 and when?

The allies (America, France, Great Britain, and the Soviet Union just main ones) won against (Japan, and Germany again just the main ones) Germany surrendered May 2nd 1945 and Japan surrendered September 2nd, 1945 bringing the war to an end known as VJ day or Victory in Japan

When did Germany divide into west and eastern Germany?

Potsdam Conference 16 July to 2nd August 1945 --> Allies divided Germany -->Cold war --> 1949 two states emerged : Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany) and German Democratic Republic (East Germany) --> United 1989/90

The allies defeated german forces in this african battle?

During WW2 that would have been the 2nd Battle of El Alamein.

Who were the enemies of US during 2nd WW?

The Axis Powers. Italy, Germany and Japan.

How was Germany involved in World War 2?

Germany was the main belligerent of the 2nd World War, as they attempted to conquer all of Europe, and eventually, the world. They failed miserably, however.

What is the busiest port in Germany?

Hamburg, Germany, is the 2nd largest port in Europe, and 9th largest in the world.

What was the reason behind the blitz?

In 1940 during the second world war Germany bombed Britain. The purpose of this attack from a German point of view was to destroyBritain's infrastructure and resolve to win the 2nd world war. They did not succeed

Who immigrated to the US during World War 2?

china immigrated us during 2nd world war

Could Britain and the allies have delt with Hitler in another way?

Yes they could stop hitler before ww2 when they know that germany was increasing it militar y size, if they attacked hitler before ww2 then the 2nd world war would never happend. Also if the soviets didnt made the Nazi-soviet pact then the soviets could still invade germany and cutting the totsl death toll in the europe 2nd world war by 83%

Who built the first nuclear reactor in the 1940's?

Dr. Klein was head of the team that designed Canada's first nuclear reactor during the 1940's. The reactor contributed to military inventions that were key in siding the Allies during the 2nd World War.

Who was the Russian commander during world war 2nd?

the Russian commander during world war 2 is Georgy Zhukov

When did the 2nd world war begin?

World War II began on September 1, 1939 when Germany invaded Poland.

Which war was hitler involved in?

He served during the 1st World War and was leader of the German nation during the 2nd World War .

What was the economy in Germany after the Holocaust?

I guess you mean after the 2nd World War. In any case it was in ruins.

What are the standings in FIFA World Cup 2010?

1st. Spain 2nd. Netherlands 3rd. Germany

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