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Who were some ancient political leaders in Korea?

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How are political leaders in Israel unlike other religions?

Since Israel has no official state religion, its political leaders are not religious leaders, and its religious leaders are not political leaders, in contrast to some other countries in the region and elsewhere.

Who were the political leaders in the 1950's?

Harry truman Isenhower Churchill are some leaders your mom

Who are some leaders who ruled over anarchies?

The whole point of an anarchy is that there is no political establishment. As a result, there is no mechanism to appoint the leaders in a system where there are no leaders.

What are some famous political leaders from Costa Rica?

your Face you can get the answer from WWW.YOURADUNBASS.COM

Who were some important political leaders of the 1940's?

Some important political leaders were military such as Bernard Law Montgomery, General Patton, Winston Churchill, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, and others.

Who were some ancient Mayan leaders?

chris Wilson of new prospect.

What are some of the forgotten leaders in ancient history?

Most leaders from ancient history are forgotten and so cannot be named. Those that have not been forgotten can be remembered from writings or archaeological research.

What were some ancient Mesopotamian leaders?

i only know onw his name was Cyrus

Who are some famous political leaders in Guyana?

hon donald ramotar irfan ali

How did some political leaders try to strengthen their power?

they tried because they r smart

Who are some examples of democratic leaders?

modern political leaders are good examples (Tony Blair, Geogrge Bush, Sarcosie, JFK, David cameron)

Who were some of the powerful leaders of ancient Greece?

Alexander the great Perdikkas II Olympias Archelaos I

Who had his Work condemned by French religious and political leaders because some of it reflected his atheist beliefs?


Who are some female political leaders?

Angela Merkel, Ségolène Royale, Hillary Clinton, Cristina Kirchner

Why were pyramids built in ancient Egypt?

Some were used for the pharoahs (the gods or the children of gods), they were used to bury those pharoahs the leaders of ancient egypt.

What were some of the problems by leaders of India and Pakistan?

In the past and at present political leaders across the border never understand each other. It seems as if they are born enemies. Its Derby

Who were the religious and political leaders in the early days of Islam?

In the early days of Islam, the religious leaders were also the political leaders. The first four Rightful Caliphs were the religious as well as political leaders. Then some of the religious scholars like Imam Abu Hanifa ra, Harat Imam Malik ra, Hazrat Imam Ahmad bin Hambal ra, etc devoted their life for the compilation of Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh), some other for compilation of Hadith and certain others for spiritual training.

How did the political leaders in the 1790s attempt to overcome the divisions of the 1780s?

Some political leaders in the 1790s attempted to overcome the divisions of the 1780s by focusing on increasing the prosperity and stability of the country. However, many of the reforms that were proposed by Alexander Hamilton and others were still hotly contested, and political divisions remained and even intensified.

Who were some of the major political leaders involved in World War 2 and How did their views differ?

Hitler, Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin

Who were the main leaders of ancient Greece?

Some were Alexander the great, Pythagorous, Zeus and ME! just kidding but there are more I cant name

What were some of the weaknesses of the ancient Greeks?

A penchant for war, susceptibility to bribery, suppression of women, political instability.

Is there a ranking higher than a general?

In some armies yes there is. Field Marshall for instance. In addition the political leaders outrank generals.

How did foreign leaders view Wilson's ideas for peace?

Some didn't like them very well but others agreed with his political views

What were the jobs in Ancient Ghana?

Some of the jobs that Ghana people had were camel leaders, farmers, some worked for the king and people who sold stuff at a littles stand.

Is there any gay in Korea?

yes! there are some who are gay in Korea like Heechul in super junior and some in Korea