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Who were the Pharisees?

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The Pharisees were a Jewish sect who prided themselves on strict and scrupulous adherence to the letter of the Mosaic law.

A Pharisee was a highly strict enforcer of the the traditional law of Moses. Anyone who would do anything that opposed those laws at any amount would either be criticized in public about what they were doing, they would be brought before the court of religious law because that person was reported by a Pharisee. Most of the Pharisees would also be given orders to have people arrested who didn't follow certain customs or traditions.

The Perushim (Pharisees in English) believed that God gave the Jews both a written and an oral Torah, both of which were equally binding and both of which were open to interpretation by rabbis. Pharisees were devoted to the study of Torah and the education of all people, regardless of status in society.

The Perushim detested hypocrisy and actively sought it out and criticized it whenever they encountered it. Examples of this hatred of hypocrisy can be found in the Gemara in Sotah 22B with several caricatures. They strongly denounce the pious man who cared more for his own purity than for human life; for the young woman who's overly zealous in her devotions; the widow who showed off her religious observance; and to the self-appointed Torah decisors who lacked the knowledge and qualifications to do the job.

Additionally, contrary to their main counterparts, the Tzedukim (Sadducees in English), the Perushim were strong opponents of cultural assimilation.

The Perushim were the only movement to survive the destruction of the Second Temple and were the ancestors of modern Judaism.

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The Pharisees were one of the two largest Jewish sects in the first half of the first century CE. Whereas the Sadducees were the sect that supported, and had the support of, wealthy Jews, the Pharisees were more concerned with middle-clas and poorer Jews. They were noted for their willingness to accept foreign rule, such as by the Romans.

Some say that the word "Pharisee" came from "Farsi", a reference to their former Persian rulers, and to the fact that Pharisee beliefs were in some ways in accord with those of the Persian religion.

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The Jewish group that concentrated on the study, teaching and application of the Torah in every century was and is the Torah-sages and their many disciples, from Abraham down to today.
The word "Pharisees," which is based on a Greek misspelling used by Josephus, actually refers to the Sages of the Talmud. (The Hebrew word "p'rushim," to which he referred, means people of temperance; the opposite of epicurean.)The Torah-sages such as Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakkai, Rabbi Yonatan ben Uziel, Chanina ben Dosa, Bava ben Buta, Shimon ben Hillel, Rabbi Eliezer, Rabbi Yehoshua, Rabbi Akiva, and hundreds of others, were active at that time and their yeshivot (Torah-academies) were flourishing. Their tens of thousands of disciples and hundreds of thousands of sympathizers were active in the Jewish world in that generation; they were the leaders and the forefront of Judaism.

Josephus talks of three groups among the Jews in late Second-Temple times: Pharisees, Sadducees, and Essenes. This may convey the mistaken impression that the Pharisees were just one "sect" among others, when in fact Josephus himself admits that the Pharisees (Torah-sages) with their disciples and followers constituted the large majority of the Jewish people. As he himself writes (Antiquities book 18), "the cities give great attestations to them."
Although the Christian Testament portrays them poorly, in fact the Pharisees were very egalitarian. They taught that all men were created in God's image and that all had the same rights, and the same right to an education, etc. They were devoted to the practicing of kindness, charity, the fulfillment of mitzvot, the study and teaching of Torah and the education of all people, regardless of status in society. They detested hypocrisy and actively sought it out and criticized it whenever they encountered it.

The Pharisees were the only movement to survive the destruction of the Second Temple and were the ancestors of modern Judaism.
Our traditional Jewish beliefs today, including the afterlife and the resurrection, are traditions continuing from the Prophets and the Sages of the Talmud ("Pharisees").

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Did Pharisees marry?

Pharisees most definitely married as they were Torah observant Jews. Modern Judaism descended from the Pharisees.

Who is the Jesus according to the pharisees?

The pharisees believed the messiah had not come.

Did the pharisees believe in miracles?

Yes. The "Pharisees" is a term which actually refers to the Torah-Sages.

What were the pharisees against Jewish law in the sabbath?

The Pharisees were supports of following Jewish law.

Were the pharisees half Jewish?

The Pharisees were completely Jewish, they are the ancestors of modern rabbinical Judaism.

Who were the pharisees the children of?

Roman Catholic AnswerThe Pharisees told Jesus that they were not illegimate, that they had Abraham for their father.

What was Jesus' attitude toward the Pharisees?

Jesus was critical of the hypocrisy exhibited by the Pharisees.

Why pharisees came to see john?

The Pharisees came to him for baptism. (Matthew 3:7,8)

Did the pharisees and saduccees survive the Diaspora of the Jews?

Only the Pharisees survived and became today's Jews.

Why did Jesus not like the pharisees?

Jesus did like the Pharisees. God loves everyone. The Pharisees were very prayerful people, but sometimes they were not humble and bragged that they were better than the rest, which did not please Jesus.

Pharisees and jesus in the temple?

Jesus taught the Pharisees there but they seldom agreed with him, in fact they took council to kill him.

Did the pharisees attack the Jews?


Who were pharisees in Bible?


Who did Jesus have problems with?

The Pharisees.

Did Pharisees have to be married?


What differences exist between Jesus and the pharisees?

The Pharisees believed in the letter of the law. Jesus believed in the spirit of the law.

Can pharisees have children?

There is no mention of any prohibition on Pharisees having children. In fact, according to the teachings of the Tanach (Jewish Bible), men are incomplete if they remain unmarried and without children. As Torah observant Jews, the Pharisees most definitely would have had children. The proof of this is that the Pharisees are the ancestors of modern Judaism.

How did Jesus come into conflict with the Pharisees?

Jesus defied the system of the day which caused the Pharisees to hate him. The Pharisees had added many laws onto the word of God, and Jesus taught that its only the Word of the Lord that is true.

Why did Jesus denounce the Pharisees more than he did any other group?

The gospels record that Jesus hung out with Pharisees, studied with Pharisees, ate with Pharisees and argued with Pharisees. If you look at what we know about the Pharisees from the Mishnah, which is largely a record of the opinions of the Pharisees, we know that they denounced each other on many occasions as a routine part of their rhetorical style. Jesus fits right in, so closely that most Jews who have studied the Gospels conclude that Jesus was probably a Pharisee and either a member of the school of Hillel or allied to that school of thought. His denunciations sound very much like typical denunciations from the school of Hillel aimed at the school of Shamai.

Who wanted to get rid of Jesus?

the pharisees

Who would be friends with the sadducees?

The Pharisees.

Why are the pharisees arrogant?

The pharisees were arrogant because they thought that they were all powerful and God like when in truth, Jesus was the truly powerful one.

Are pharisees lawyers?

The Pharisees were the supposed experts of the Law of Moses, which were the laws that the nation of Israel were governed by, so yes, they were the lawyers of their time.

What are the basic purposes of the pharisees?

The pharisees were people who enforced and taught the Jewish law, or the law of God. The problem with the pharisees were that they made up their own law that coincided with God's law, but these laws were their own interpretations of the Law, not the actual law itself.

What is the difference between pharisees and seduces?

The Sedducees were Hellenized Jews. The Pharisees were more traditional, with a belief that devotion to the "the law" to achieve God's kingdom.