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one of the names of The Beatles, before they became the Beatles

John Lennon was the founder of the Quarrymen Band. He met up with a bunch of other boys and they formed a group. When John was about 15 yrs old, he met Paul McCartney in the audience of the gig they were showing. After the show, Paul went up to them and showed them how good he was. The gang was impressed and asked him if he would like to join the group. Paul replied yes, so due to that, the Quarrymen eventually changed their name to the Beatles when they met George Harrison.

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The Quarrymen released a DVD and a new single in 2009. See at!

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When did The Quarry Men become the Beatles?

The Quarry Men became the Beatles in 1960.

Who were in the Quarry Men?

the quarry men in other words are the beatles before george harrison joined :)

Who joined The Quarry Men in 1958?

George Harrison was welcomed to The Quarry Men as a guitarist and played under many names.

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What actors and actresses appeared in The Quarry Men - 2000?

The cast of The Quarry Men - 2000 includes: Damien Matthews as Max

What did the Quarry men change their name to?

The Beatles

Who formed the group The Quarry Men?

John Lennon.

When did paul McCartney join the quarry men?


When did paul McCartney join the beatles?

Paul McCartney joined the Quarry Men, after an introduction to John Lennon, in July 1957. The Quarry Men ultimately became the Beatles in August 1960.

What was the name of band john Lennon start in 1956?

The Quarry Men

What groups was paul McCartney in?

the quarry men, the beatles, and paul McCartney and wings

Was John Lennon in other bands before the Beatles?

The Beatles grew out of the Quarry Men, a band started by John Lennon in high school. Paul McCartney and George Harrison joined the Quarry Men, and the other members gradually quit.

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When did John Lennon form The Quarry Men?

John started this skiffle group in March of 1957.

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What was John Lennon's first band?

The Quarry Men, named after the high school (Quarry Bank Grammar School) that most of the members attended. Paul McCartney and George Harrison joined that band, the other members gradually quit, and the band eventually became the Beatles. (Some of the surviving Quarry Men reunited in the 1990s, to perform their old repertoire.)The QuarrymenThe Quarryme

What is the names of John Lennon's bands?

The Beatles, The Beetles, The Silver Beetles, John and the MoonDogs, The Quarry Men

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What was the beatles original name?

The Quarry Men, but Ringo came from a band called Rory Storm and the Hurricanes.

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