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Who were the Yankees in the war?

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Yankees were the northern part of America to fight in the civil war the "blue guys"

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How did the Yankees become known as the Yankees in American history?

at war the u.s. called themselves the Yankees

What did the Yankees do in the Civil War?

There was no New York Yankees in the civil war. They were invented in the early 1900's.

How did the Yankees get their name?

They got the name because during a war the north was called the Yankees.

What color were Yankees in the war?

Some Yankees were Caucasian; some were African American. Their uniforms were blue.

What were the yankees in the civil war?

The Union (The North)

What was north called in the civil war?


Who were the Yankees in war?

Any American if it's a foreign war, or Northerners in the U.S. Civil War.

Who are the Yankees in the civil war?

The Yankees were i dont know help me figure it out theat was @#!$% answer i need help northerner

In the civil war were the Yankees against slavery or for it?

Yankees were supposedly against slavery, but the main reason this was said was to gain European sympathies during the Civil War. The war was started because the Union (yankees) wanted to keep the southern states from becoming the Confederate States of America.

What Revolutionary war word starts with y?


What were the northerners called in the civil war?

I believe it was the Yankees.

What civil war word starts with y?


What were the northern soldiers called?

If you are reffering to the Civil War they were called the Union Army. They were also known as Yankees. Yankees

Who were the Yankees in the Civil War?

Yankees, during the time of the Civil War were those loyal to the Union. Today, it's mainly the people who reside in and/or were born in the Northern United States.

What are Yankees?

northerners during the american civil war. also the new york yankees a major league baseball team

What were the northern soldiers called during the Civil War?


Nickname for northerns that supported the civil war?

Yanks, Yankees

What was the northern states referred to as in the civil war?

They were called the "Yankees".

Fought against the Yankees during civil war?


What where northerns known during the the civil war?

The Yankees - or "Bluebelly".

How did people in the south contribute to the civil war?

by killing yankees.

Who did the Yankees fight in the American Civil War?

The Confederates (South)

What were northern soldiers who remained in the south after the war called?


What war did the Yankees fight in?

Yankee is a term given to people who fought for the North during the civil war.

What were soldiers of the north called during the civil war?

Yankees and the union