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The allies - France, Russia, Britain & it's Empire (inc. Australia,New Zealand,Canada,India,South Africa,W.Indies) Serbia and eventually USA.

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Q: Who were the allied powers of ww1?
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What were the alliances in ww1 called?

The Central Powers and the Allied Powers

What were the advantages and disadvantages the allied powers had during WW1?


What nation did not belong to the Allied Powers during ww1?


Who supported Germany in ww1?

during WW1 it was basically the central powers vs. the allied powers. the central powers were GGermany, Austria-Hungary, and their allies, BBulgaria, and the ottoman empire. while the allied powers were the U.S., great Britain, France.

Who were the allied powers during ww1?

Great Britain, France, and Russia

Which side central or allied powers won ww1?

Allied forces won World War 1

Who were the 3 main allied powers in ww1?

us, austria-hungary, and russia

Who won ww1 allies or central powers?

America never officially entered the allied alliance in WW1. America did by far the most in WW1 and WW2. America had lend lease programs and sent recourses to the allied forces. Germany and the other central powers had already beat russia and would have easily beat the allied forces if America did not enter the war. America won the war for the allied alliance.

Who lost world war 1 the axis powers the allied powers or the central powers?

The Central Powers lost in WW1. The Axis is a term for Germany & Italy & Japan in WW2.

Who fought against who in ww1?

It was the Central Powers and the Allied/Entente Powers. The main Central Powers were the Ottoman Empire, Germany, and Austro-Hungary. The main Allied Powers were the United Kingdom, France, Russia and the United States (toward the end of the war).

The name given to great britain france and russia during ww1?

triple entente of the allied powers

Allied powers ww1?

England,France,Russia At first. Later Italy And Far later America

4 major allied powers of ww1?

Britain (Canada, Australia, New Zea land,) France

What are the 6 major countries of allied powers in ww1?

Great Britain, France, Russia, Italy, Serbia and the U.S

The European imperialistic countries of Great Britain France and Russia were called the?

allied powersAllied powersAllied powers.

Allied and central powers during WW1?

Central Germany. Astria-hungry Ottomann empire Bulgaria Allied France Great Britain Russia Serbia Belgium

Who were the main allied powers during ww1?

The main powers of the Triple Entente (the Allied Powers) in World War I were France, Britain and Russia. Italy initially sided with the Triple Alliance (Austro-Hungary, and Germany), but turned away and sided with the Triple Entente.

What side did the US join in 1917 in WW1?

the allied powers

Who controlled more land the allied Powers or the axis powers?

allied powers

Which countries formed the allied powers during WW1?

England, France, Russia, and Italy were the main ones. Later the US joined also.

Did World War 1 end at 10 55?

No. The common misconception is that WW1 ended on 11 November 1918 at 11:11am GMT. However, this was when the final cease-fire took effect (i.e the de facto end of WW1)WW1 officially ended when the last of the peace treaties between the former Central Powers and the Allied Powers was complete. This last treaty was the Treaty of Sevres, signed 10 August 1920, between the Ottoman Empire and the Allied Powers.

Was Franklin D. Roosevelt apart of the allied powers or axis powers?

Allied powers

Who were the central powers in ww1?

Austria-Hungary, Germany, and Italy were the Central Powers of WW1.

Was Greece an Allied or Axis power?

Allied, in both WW1 & 2.

Which countries fought for the allied powers in ww1?

the allied powers were the u.s, great britain, and then there was russia. -No. Actually Russia left to fight its own revolution. Ending the Triple Entente. France, Great Britain, US, Japan, Italy, Serbia, and others fought as Allies.