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Vittorio Orlando, David Lloyd, George Woodrow Wilson, and Clemenceau

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Q: Who were the big four in the treaty of versaillies?
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What was the versaillies treaty?


What influenced the Treaty of Versaillies?

Money and revenge

What was true of the treaty of versaillies?

it was not approved by the U.S Congress

What is true about the treaty of versaillies?

it was not approved by u.s. congress

What defied the Treaty of Versaillies by sending troops into the Rhineland?

adolf hitler

What treaty marked the first time in modern history that world powers agreed to disarm?

Treaty of Versaillies

What did Germany do in the defiance of the Treaty Of Versaillies?

Clandestinely, built up military capability.

How and why Hitler was pledged to reverse the treaty of versaillies and the increase garman territory?


Who signed the treaty of versaillies?

the treaty was signed by the the France and Britain in 1763

What was Hitler's response to the treaty of versaillies?

Well to put it as succinctly as possible UP YOURS would be a fairly close description.

What was the Treaty of versaillies?

the final peace settlement in Paris which was signed by great Britain Germany, austria, Hungary, Bulgaria and turkey

How did Germany respond to the treaty versaillies?

HItler Did not respond to Germany's obligations under the treaty of Versailles when he became Germany's leader, in Fact, he just went ahead and rearmed Germany. =)