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Q: Who were the engineers of Big Ben?
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Is it true that Big Ben in London still called Big Ben?

Yes, Big Ben is still called Big Ben.

Where is situated Big Ben?

the big ben is situated in London.

What is big ben in french?

Big Ben !

What does Big Ben have inside?

Big Ben is actually the bell in the clock tower. So, Big Ben has a clapper in it.

How large is Big Ben?

how tall is big ben

Is Big Ben part of Scotland?

There is a MOUNTAIN in Scotland called Ben Nevis, but Big Ben is a clock in LONDON ------------------------- Big Ben is actually the bell of the clock.

What does big ben tower do?

Big ben tower holds the clock faces and mechanism of the big ben tower clock

Is the Great Bell in Big Ben?

The Great Bell is Big Ben ! It is in the Clock Tower which is also called Big Ben.

Why is Big Ben called Big Ben Why not massive Nigel?

they call big Ben because he is big and they call him Ben because that's his name. Big Ben, after Sir Benjamin Hall. He was the commissioner of the works for the tower. He was a big man and it was decided to give the great bell a nickname after him.

How many hands does Big Ben have?

Big Ben actually has no hands! Big Ben is actually the bell inside the clock. Even if you did say Big Ben was the actual clock, it would have eight hands.

How far is big ben from Parliament?

Big Ben is attached to the Parliament buildings.Big Ben is part of the Houses of Parliament.

What was big ben goin to be called before they named it big ben?

Big Ben, is the name of the bell, inside the parliamentary tower!

Big Ben is located in which city?

Big Ben is in London, England.

What is the postcode for the big ben?

I'm not exactly sure, but i would just put big Ben! who doesn't know what big Ben is?? :)

How many floors does the big ben have?

Big Ben is a clock.

What was Big Ben for?

Big Ben is a clock and a tourist site.

What day did big ben open?

when did big ben open

Where is Big Ben in Texas?

Big Ben is in London, England.

Where did big ben live?

big Ben lives in london.

Why does big ben have 3 birthdays?

because it big ben

What are some famous sound engineers?

Jimmy MacDonald Ben Burtt

Big Ben is a famous land mark in London but what actually is big Ben?

Big Ben is the bell inside the tower, but people just call the tower 'big ben' Posted by Jm

Was big ben a Gothic church?

Big Ben is a bell not a church...?

What is big bens bell called ben?

Big Ben is the nickname of the Great Bell although people now refer to the clock and its tower as Big Ben.

Was big ben in London in the 1600?

No. Big Ben was completed in 1859.