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Lee for the South and Grant for the North were the most famous.

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He was one of the Confederacy's generals during the Civil War

The two most famously known generals during the civil war were: South: Robert E. Lee North: Ulyess S. Grant

they were two generals during the civil war

Summary List of Famous Civil War Generals & Commanders during the American Civil War. There were hundreds of generals commissioned in the American Civil War on both the Union and Confederate armies. Some, like Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, Ulysess S. Grant and William Tecumseh Sherman are household names.

Some of the famous generals in the civil war were, Robert E. lee of the south and Ulysses S. grant of the north. But there were also many othere famous generals such as William Sherman and Stonewall jackson.

The most (in)famous White generals were Kolchak and Denikin.

One of the leading Civil War generals for the Confederacy/South was Robert Edawrd (E.) Lee.

pictures of the generals and leaders of world war two

This is a matter of opinion, but the South probably had the better generals at the start of the Civil War.

Civil War Generals II was created in 1997.

Civil War Generals II happened in 1997.

stonewall Jackson and Robert e. lee

Robert Edward Lee, and Stonewall Jackson

It was burned to the ground during Union Generals Tecumseh Sherman Total War.

The literacy rate during the Civil War was very slow. The literate people were usually politicians and generals. They wrote the history of the war.

The two victorious Generals were U.S. Grant and W.T. Sherman.

He was William Tecumseh Sherman.Answer:There were numerous generals in both the Northern and Southern armies during the American Civil War (See Link). As the North eventually carried the war to the South there could even be said to be Northern generals in the South at some periods.

war starts with this side having best generals at the start of the civil war?

Well, there were many diffrent Generals during the Civil War. But, if you mean the Leaders Lincoln for Union and Lee for Confederacy. If im not right feel free to correct me!

Kelly's Ford, Virginia was the scene of a battle during the Civil War. Thomas Kane, August Kauz and Philip Kearny were Union Generals during the Civil War.

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