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The three that spring instantly to mind are Robert Graves, Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon. Graves served as a captain in the Welsh Fusiliers and was badly wounded in 1916. The war office mistakenly informed his family he had been killed and his obituary appeared in the London Times before the mistake was realised. Sassoon was awarded the military cross for bravery when he carried a wounded man back to the British lines while under heavy fire. Sassoon was himself wounded in 1917 and sent back to England. He became increasingly angry at the conduct of the war and the incompetence of high command and what he perceived as their callous indifference to suffering. Wilfred Owen joined the army in 1915, and began writing poems about his experiences on the western front. In 1917, he suffered serious concussion and was sent to the same hospital as Graves where they became friends. In 1918 Owen was deemed fit for service once more and was returned to France. He was killed on 4th November 1918 just five days before the war ended. Tragically, his family received the telegram informing them of his death while their town's church bells were ringing to announce the armistice. Anthem for Doomed Youth

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Q: Who were the famous poets that fought in world war 1?
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