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Who were the first people on Earth?

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November 03, 2016 9:16PM

There is a scientific answer and there are religious answers, with each religion having its own list of 'first people'. In the Abrahamic religion, Adam and Eve were the first people on earth.
The scientific answer is not as dramatic, because science can only report what is found to be fact. Scientists say that modern humans, Homo sapiens, are descended from a long line of hominids. Our immediate ancestors are called Homo erectus, but there were hominids even earlier. The question then is whether we say that only Homo sapiens individuals were 'people', or whether we include Homo erectus or our even earlier ancestors. As is the way with evolution, there was no one individual who was uniquely the first Homo sapiens person.

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November 09, 2016 7:06AM

Science has studied the existence of God, but cannot prove that God does not exist and that the first people on earth were Adam and Eve. If you do not believe that the first people were Adam and Eve, then the names of the first people are not known.
Adam and Eve.
Adam and Eve ==new answer== In examining this question you will find much related information in the book " Atlantis Remembered, history of the world,volume one", isbn# 0-944386-28-8
Adam and Eve were the first people to live on EARTH. But it is difficult to decide whether there were similair species who had lived before them or not.