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The Loyalists (Tories) did not want to separate.

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Q: Who were the people who was undecided about independence form Britain?
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Who declared independence patriots or Britain?

It was the patriots who declared independence. They were claiming independence from the British Empire to form their own system of government.

What did Irish nationalists want after Ireland and Britain joined to form the United Kingdom?


What was the patriots cause?

There cause was to gain independence from Great Britain and form their own country.

Did American leaders form a republic once declared independence from Great Britain?


What does Delcaration of independence mean?

a important document that set us free form great Britain's control.

What politician from Massachusetts helped form the Sons of Liberty and encouraged colonists to declare independence from Britain?

Samuel Adams

What politician from Massachusetts helped form the Sons of Liberty and gave speeches urging colonists to declare independence from Britain?

Samuel Adams was a politician from Massachusetts that had a big role in helping to form the Sons of Liberty. He was responsible for giving speeches that encouraged the colonists to declare their independence from Britain and is often referred to as the instigator of the Revolutionary War.

Why the American colonist united to fight for independence from great Britain and form a new nation?

because it wa not fair they made a resolution

What was a strength of the patriots during the American Revolution?

The American Colonial patriots were ardent supporters of independence form Great Britain. Against overwhelming odds they held their own against the British Army. Later, France helped the patriots obtain independence from Great Britain.

How did the UK form?

When Great Britain and Ireland united.

What landmarks are on the Oregon trail on the Fourth of July?

Well, there was independence rock and if you hadn't passed by July 4th, it meant you were off schedule. It's called Independence rock because July 4th is when America declared independence form Britain.

Why did India form a government like Britain's after gaining independence?

The government of the new nation of india was set up as a parlimentary democracy, similar to governments in Britain, Germany, and other western nations.