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Clinton was impeached but not officially removed from office, and Nixon was to be impeached but resigned before he could be impeached.

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Q: Who were the prsidents that were impeached?
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How often are prsidents eleted?

Presidents in the United States are elected every four years.

What was the prsidents' use of the wars when the fight?

Britain was on the Entente Power.

What is the prsidents wife called?

First Lady (in the United States).

Who were the prsidents during World War 2?

FDR and H.Truman

What duties did prsidents due?

he led govern ment elected by the people

Who are the Prsidents Cabinet members?

=Im going to tell u the truth.i have no idea.!=

Was Theodore Roosevelt impeached?

No, he was not impeached.

If someone is impeached what is the next steptaken?

What happens if someone is impeached? What happens if someone is impeached?

What branch can be impeached?

the executive branch can be impeached

What year was Bill Clinton impeached?

He was impeached in 1998

How can the President get fired?

The President can be impeached. After Abraham Lincoln was assassinated his vice President (Andrew Johnson) was impeached. Also Nixon was impeached

What was Richard nickson impeached for?

He wasn't, he resighned before he could be impeached.