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The Andrew Sisters

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When was Artists Recording Collective created?

Artists Recording Collective was created in 2007.

What actors and actresses appeared in Roadie Chefs II - 2001?

The cast of Roadie Chefs II - 2001 includes: Arlo Guthrie as Recording Artist Faith Hill as Recording Artist Tim McGraw as Recording Artist Bare Naked Ladies as Recording Artists Willie Nelson as Recording Artist In Sync as Recording Artists Stone Temple Pilots as Recording Artists Justin Timberlake as Recording Artist Tina Turner as Recording Artist

What is a recording enginner?

Recording engineers are the guys that set levels and record artists. They sit and the mixing console press record. They will lead the artists as they lay down a recording. They have them start over, or try different things. They also choose what gear will be used in the recording.

Who are the famous Filipino recording artists?

the rocky fellas

Who were 3 big recording artists in the 1950's?

Three big recording artists of the 50.s were Sam Cooke, Jackie Wilson, and Little Richard.

Who are the artists recording the you are the worlds for haiti?

A number of artists starred in the recording of "We are the World 25 for Haiti" The opening act was Justin Bieber Jennifer Hudson, Josh Groban, Fergie, T-Pain, along with other artists.

How did little Richie become famous?

He was discovered by recording artists

Which recording artists died in 2008?

Pimp C of UGK

On American Idol contestants compete to become?

Recording Artists

What is a music Music Collaborators?

When multiple artists participate in a recording.

Recording artists names beginning with the letter o?

Olivia Newton John is a recording artist. Her name begins with O.

Who are the top selling UK female recording artists?

Adele! she is amazing!

Who are today's top hip hop recording artists?

Justin bieber

When was Billie Holiday recording with Decca records?

1944-1950 (first signed with Decca on August 7, 1944)

Who is the most successful british recording artist or artists in the USA?

paul McCartney

Recording artists who died in 2007?

probably the best known was Dan Fogelberg

Who are the top selling recording artists without a number 1 song?


What benefits do artists have when they record their music in the isolation booth recording studio?


Who made the most money from the recording of old blues artists?

eric clapton

When did Isaac singer start his company?

This question does not belong in Bands and Recording Artists

Why did Simon Cowell make x factor?

To find successful recording artists.

Who are the top three recording artists in the world today?

1 me 2 me 3 me

Who were the top 5 recording artists of all time?

Michal Jackson, Usher,

What is the price of a music compact disc?

Whatever price that is charged to the buyer. Prices can fluctuate greatly between recording labels and recording artists.

What do you call a person that makes music for recording artists?

Typically they are called producers or composers.