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The sixth Doctor's companions were Peri Brown and Melanie Bush.

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Q: Who were the sixth doctors companions?
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Which Doctor had the most companions?

3 doctors did - the 1st, the 5th and the 10th.

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Why did the Sixth and Seventh Doctors not use the sonic screwdriver?

because the fifth doctor lost it

Will any companions from previous doctors appear with the 11th doctor?

The eleventh Doctor will star in The Sarah Jane Adventures along with the third Doctor's companion Jo Grant, apart from that there are no plans to bring any former companions back to Doctor Who.

In Doctor Who which doctor has had the most assistants?

It depends. If you count the first two K9s as two separate companions, then the first and fourth Doctors tie for 9 companions each (not counting characters who were only traveling with the Doctor for one story). Otherwise, it's the First Doctor.

What is the possessive form for companions?

The possessive form for the plural noun companions is companions'.

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Exactly the Real Doctors and Companions would never selfish against their mothers on Mothers Day.

What is a sentence for the word companions?

we r companions

Why did dr. lisa leave the show the doctors?

Dr. Lisa left the shoe The Doctors because she had other projects she was working on. Dr. Lisa was not meant to be on the show full time, but rather make appearances from time to time.

Why isn't Dr Lisa Masterson on the Doctors show anymore?

Dr. Lisa Masterson left the TV show The Doctors in 2013. She decided not to return to the show for the sixth season, no reason was given on the show as to why she didn't return.

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The Companions of Doctor Who was created in 1986.

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