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plautus and terence

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Identify the writers of Latin comedies?

it is plautus and terrence...A+!

Who wrote Greek comedy?

Greek comedies were written by Greek play writers and performed by men only. These comedies poked fun at fellow artists, politicians and philosophers.

Who wrote Roman comedy?

Plautus and Terentius (Terence) were the best writers of comedies. Juvenal was the greatest satirist.

How did the history and culture affect the literature of Rome?

Latin literature emerged as a result of Greek influence. The first playwright in Rome was a Greek slave who translated Geek tragedies and comedies into Latin and also translated the Odyssey. Other writers, Romans and Italians translated Greek tragedies and comedies into Latin or wrote plays based on Greek themes. There were also plays about Roman historical events, particularity wars. Greek myths became a popular theme. Another favourite theme was the myths of Aeneas and the foundation of Rome. Thus, Latin literature was affected by the literature and culture of Greece and an interest in Roman history, whether real or mythological. Latin literature also developed good satire, which pokes fun at social idiosyncrasies, mores and hypocrisy.

What set Dante apart from earlier Italian writers?

other writers wrote Latin while Dante wrote Italian and people admired him for that

Are Shakespeare and Verdi Latin comic writers?

Neither Shakespeare nor Verdi worked in Latin. Shakespeare was English, Verdi was Italian.

What website has the best database of texts by old writers in Latin?

A couple of good examples are the Perseus Digital Library and The Latin Library.

Which terms are used for the types of comedies shakespeare wrote?

happy comedies, problem plays, romantic comedies.

What is the Latin word for speed of light?

The "speed of light" is a concept unknown to classical Roman writers, but the Latin words would be celeritas lucis.

When was Divine Comedies created?

Divine Comedies was created in 1976.

How do you spell comedies?

That is the correct spelling of the plural noun, "comedies".

Who brought the Latin alphabet to Ireland?

When St. Patrick introduced Christianity to Ireland in the 5th century, Irish writers began to write in Latin, but it is not known who actually brought the Latin alphabet to Ireland.

What genres did William shakesspeare write?

Comedies and tragedies. Comedies and tragedies.

Who was famous for his comedies Aeschylus or Aristophanes?

The person who was famous for his comedies was Aristophanes

How would you say you write or writers in Latin?

write = scribe Writor = scriptor You can see the English connection

Who was Livius Andronicus?

It is thought that Livius Andronicus was a Greek slave who was taken to Rome from the Greek city of Tarentum in southern Italy. He was an educator who translated Homer's Odyssey and other Greek works to teach in the school he set up. He wrote tragedies and comedies for the stage which were the first works of Latin literature.and was considered to be the originator of Latin literature. He wrote the first play with a full plot in Latin. He wrote themes based on Greek myths and comedies in the New Comedy style of Greece.

Which Jackie Chan films are comedies?

Nearly all of Jackie Chan's films are comedies.

Who were three famous early rome writers?

The three canonic poets of Latin Literature were Virgil, Ovid and Horace.

Aristophanes was one of the great writers of realistic greek tragedies true or false?

Aristophanes wrote comedies, not tragedies. The three greatest playwrights of Ancient Greece whose work survives were Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides.

When are stereotypical characters permissible?

In comedies, particularly farce, satire, and to some extent screwball comedies.

Comedies may deal with situations in what manner?

Comedies can deal with bad situations in the manner of making them funny. Many people love to watch comedies because they like to laugh.

What did James K. Polk study in collge?

He studied the classical Greek and Latin writers and philosophers as well as mathematics.

What do Shakespeare's romantic comedies always feature?

It depends what you mean by "romantic comedies". Most of Shakespeare's comedies are romantic in nature and end in weddings all around. Some of his late comedies are called "romances" and they end in reconciliations and reunifications all around instead of weddings.

Another term for the word for example?

"As an illustration". Writers sometimes use 'viz', an abbreviation from the Latin 'videlicet', to convey the same idea. 'E.G.', from the Latin for "example given" is also frequently used.

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