Who will kill orochimaru?

Updated: 9/13/2023
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When Orochimaru was transforming, Sasuke enters the room and tried to kill him. Orochimaru is in Sasuke, but Sasuke took over Orchimaru so Sasuke has full control of his own body. During Itachi's final battle, Itachi finds that Orochimaru is still alive in Sasuke, so Itachi drove Orochimaru out and kills him.

Part of Orochimaru is in Kabuto after Sasuke and Orochimaru's fight, so Orochimaru might not be dead, but Orochimaru is mainly killed by Sasuke. The answers you find here are all found from the manga we read.

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Q: Who will kill orochimaru?
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Does sauske kill orochimaru?

yes sauske does kill orochimaru when orochimaru tries to transfer into sauske's body

Did orochimaru kill sasori?

No Orochimaru did not kill Sasori.Sasori died trying to kill Chiyo and Sakura.

Does sasori whant to kill orochimaru?


Did orochimaru survive when Sasuke kill him?

Sasuke didn't kill Orochimaru, he sealed Orochimaru inside himself. During Sasukes fight against Itachi Orochimaru got free but was sealed by Itachi. Later Sasuke used Anko's cursed seal to bring Orochimaru back.

Does Sasuke kill orochimaru?

no, it's the other way around no, it's the other way around

Why does orochimaru get killed by itiahi?

Hmm... how should I answer this question? Simply put, Orochimaru was not killed by Itachi, but by Sasuke. Sasuke killed Orochimaru in Orochimaru's weakest condition, knowing that Orochimaru had no more power to grant him.

How did orochimaru kill the third Hokage?

In a sense Orochimaru did not kill the 3rd. The 3rd used a jutsu to make Orochimaru not be able to use his arms anymore and then he died in the process of it. So no Orochimaru did not kill the 3rd.

Can Orochimaru kill Pain?

no way pain has the rinnegan

Does itachi kill orochimaru?

No. ~*~spoiler~*~ Sasuke absorbs him.

Does Sasuke orochimaru?

he goes to his side to get power to kill itatchi

Who will die in the fight of orochimaru and the 3rd Hokage?

The third hokage dies against Orochimaru only because he used a jutsu that was meant to kill both Orochimaru and the Third. Though it didn't work out; and only put Orochimaru's arms in agonizing pain.

When will Naruto kill orochimaru?

in episode 1032 the end of a sad story