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those belgians who own the name now will mfg some models till 2008 . then olin corp who owns the name(they used to mfg them ) will relicense someone to mfg again(possibly)

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โˆ™ 2006-03-20 03:42:14
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Q: Who will manufacture Winchester firearms after the Connecticut factory closes?
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What is the manufacture date of a Winchester 1894 serial 1169809?

Your winchester model 1894 rifle was one of the first 500 rifles to leave the winchester factory in 1939.

Where and when was a model 1886 Winchester rifle serial 28033 manufactured?

1888 at the New Haven, Connecticut, factory.

How do you determine the age of a Winchester model 06?

Consult a collector's catalog, available online, or contact the Cody Firearms Museum. They have all the old records from the Winchester factory.

What is the date of manufacture of a Winchester model 1892 serial number 356986?

Circa 1908. If you would like to know the exact date, the Cody Firearms Musuem in Cody, WY has the original factory warehouse ledger that can be used to write a factory letter. The fee for a factory letter is $60 for non-members, and it is high quality (frameable) document.

Is your Winchester model 63 serial number 174148 factory engraved?

Requires professional appraisal and documentation from the Cody Firearms Museum

What is the relationship between Cody Wyoming and Winchester guns?

The Cody Firearms Museum owns most of the old Winchester production records. For a fee they will research a particular firearm and issue a "factory letter" giving the original configuration, dates of manufacture and shipping, and, if available, the shipping destination. These letters will add to the value of a gun if it proves that any non-standard features are original factory work or shows that it was ordered by someone of historical importance.

How can you determine the age and approximate value of a Winchester model 1894?

The Cody Firearms Museum has the original factory ledgers for serial numbers 1 - 353,999, and they can provide you with a factory letter at a cost of $60. For serial numbers 354,000 - 2,600,000 I can provide the accurate year of manufacture, andin many cases, the month of production. The Winchester dates of manufacture information contained on the websites and is not accurate, and was based on the flawed works of George Madis. Value information can not be determined without a detailed hands on inspection & evaluation, as there are simply way too many different variables that can affect the collector value. Bert H.

How old is a Winchester Model 1886 40-65 serial No 17734?

122-years of age +/- a few months. You can obtain the exact date of birth from the Cody Firearms Musuem by purchasing a factory letter -

Could a Winchester Model 94 from 1953 come from the factory with custom stocks of highly figured walnut?

Yes, it could. To find out if it was special ordered, you can get a factory letter from the Cody Firearms Museum, 307-578-4031 or

How can you tell the year of manufactering by the serial number?

For the vast number of Winchester Models, the serial number can be used to determine the year of manufacture. There are a number of good references sources (depending upon the specific model) that have tables that cross reference the serial number to a year of manufacture. For the older models, the Cody Firearms Museum has the original factory ledgers that list the exact date the gun was received in the warehouse from the assembly room.

How old is a Winchester model 1897 serial C 109500?

Winchester Model 1897 serial number 109500 was manufactured in the year 1900. The Cody Firearms Museum has the original factory ledgers, and for a nominal fee of $60, they can provide you with a Factory letter that will give you the exact date that it was received in the warehouse from the assembly room. Bert H.

Can you give me a sentence with the word manufacture?

They manufacture auto parts at that factory.

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