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Who will neji marry?

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It is not clear yet if he marries (I bet he does) The most plausible matches for him would be

  • Tenten (His only sane teammate)
  • Hinata (If he were in an arranged marriage with her.)
But latter would be weird as they are half sister and half brother (Their fathers are identical twins so they share the same DNA which is often the reason for handicaps)

Also it would be more than weird if Kishimoto paired him up with for example Ino or Temari or Sakura...

So I guess It would be one of the above

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Why does Neji have to marry Hinata?

Neji doesn't have to marry Hinata. Where did you hear they were going to get married at? They're cousins so no.

Does Hinata marry Neji?

They could have, because Hyuga clan members marry each other to keep the bloodline.But Neji died, so she won't.

What are the list of the what-if Nejiranger Gokaiger keys?

The list of the what-if Nejiranger Gokaiger keys (fan-fiction only) are: Neji Green Neji Purple Neji Orange Neji Crimson Neji Navy Neji White Neji Gold Neji Teal Neji Brown Neji Indigo Neji Saffron Neji Amethyst Neji Vermilion Neji Chartreuse Neji Magenta Neji Viridian Neji Burgundy Neji Powder Blue Neji Scarlet Neji Cyan Neji Azure Neji Lavender Neji Gray Neji Beige Neji Cerulean Neji Slate Neji Cobalt Neji Gunmetal Neji Copper Neji Bronze Neji Khaki Neji Citrine Neji Maroon Neji Olive Neji Peach Neji Cream Neji Sangria Neji Plum Neji Emerald Neji Cerise Neji Mauve Neji Moccasin Neji Aquamarine Neji Pearl Neji Turquoise Neji Platinum Neji Tan Neji Bittersweet Neji Periwinkle Neji Sapphire Neji Fuchsia Neji Dark Green Neji Mahogany Neji Sea Green Neji Claret Neji Lime Neji Amber Neji Ecru Neji Taupe Neji Tawny Neji Lilac Neji Ochre Neji Sepia Neji Celadon Neji Rust Neji Orchid Neji Ash Gray Neji Steel Blue Neji Sky Blue Neji Burnt Orange Neji Brick Red Neji Caramel Neji Marigold Neji Burnt Sienna Neji Verdigris Neji Indochine Neji Carmine Neji Linen Neji Dark Gray Neji Harlequin Green Neji Amaranth Neji Ebony Neji Ivory Neji Thistle Neji Cadet Blue Neji Brass Neji Ruby Neji Mint Neji Forest Green Neji Aubergine Neji Hazel Neji Topaz Neji Bisque Neji Spring Green Neji Rainbow etc.

Will Neji marry Hinata?

He could have, to maintain the Byakugan bloodline.But he died, so he won't.

What is the list of Nejirangers that end with monster form?

The Nejirangers that end with monster form (same with human form) are: Neji Red (monster form) Neji Black (monster form) Neji Blue (monster form) Neji Yellow (monster form) Neji Pink (monster form) Neji Silver (monster form) Neji Green (monster form) Neji Purple (monster form) Neji Orange (monster form) Neji Crimson (monster form) Neji Navy (monster form) Neji White (monster form) Neji Gold (monster form) Neji Teal (monster form) Neji Brown (monster form) Neji Indigo (monster form) Neji Saffron (monster form) Neji Amethyst (monster form) Neji Vermilion (monster form) Neji Chartreuse (monster form) Neji Magenta (monster form) Neji Viridian (monster form) Neji Burgundy (monster form) Neji Powder (monster form) Neji Scarlet (monster form) Neji Cyan (monster form) Neji Azure (monster form) Neji Lavender (monster form) Neji Gray (monster form) Neji Beige (monster form) Neji Cerulean (monster form) Neji Slate (monster form) Neji Cobalt (monster form) Neji Gunmetal (monster form) Neji Copper (monster form) Neji Bronze (monster form) Neji Khaki (monster form) Neji Citrine (monster form) Neji Maroon (monster form) Neji Olive (monster form) Neji Peach (monster form) Neji Cream (monster form) Neji Sangria (monster form) Neji Plum (monster form) Neji Emerald (monster form) Neji Cerise (monster form) Neji Mauve (monster form) Neji Moccasin (monster form) Neji Aquamarine (monster form) Neji Pearl (monster form) Neji Turquoise (monster form) Neji Platinum (monster form) Neji Tan (monster form) Neji Bittersweet (monster form) Neji Periwinkle (monster form) Neji Sapphire (monster form) Neji Fuchsia (monster form) Neji Dark Green (monster form) Neji Mahogany (monster form) Neji Sea Green (monster form) Neji Claret (monster form) Neji Lime (monster form) Neji Amber (monster form) Neji Ecru (monster form) Neji Taupe (monster form) Neji Tawny (monster form) Neji Lilac (monster form) Neji Ochre (monster form) Neji Sepia (monster form) Neji Celadon (monster form) Neji Rust (monster form) Neji Orchid (monster form) Neji Ash (monster form) Neji Steel (monster form) Neji Sky (monster form) Neji Burnt Orange (monster form) Neji Brick (monster form) Neji Caramel (monster form) Neji Marigold (monster form) Neji Burnt Sienna (monster form) Neji Verdigris (monster form) Neji Indochine (monster form) Neji Carmine (monster form) Neji Linen (monster form) Neil Goldenrod (monster form) Neil Butterscotch (monster form) Neji Heliotrope (monster form) Neji Dark Gray (monster form) Neji Harlequin (monster form) Neji Amaranth (monster form) Neji Ultramarine (monster form) Neji Royal Blue (monster form) Neji Garnet (monster form) Neji Ebony (monster form) Neji Ivory (monster form) Neji Thistle (monster form) Neji Jade (monster form) Neji Auburn (monster form) Neji Sienna (monster form) Neji Umber (monster form) Neji Cadet Blue (monster form) Neji Dark Brown (monster form) Neji Orange Peel (monster form) Neji Hunter Green (monster form) Neji Salmon (monster form) Neji Avocado (monster form) Neji Wisteria (monster form) Neji Persimmon (monster form) Neji Apricot (monster form) Neji Brass (monster form) Neji Ruby (monster form) Neji Mint (monster form) Neji Forest (monster form) Neji Coral (monster form) Neji Aubergine (monster form) Neji Hazel (monster form) Neji Topaz (monster form) Neji Bisque (monster form) Neji Spring (monster form) Neji Rainbow (monster form)

What does the name Neji mean in Japanese?

ネジ Neji the word neji is screw

Who is stronger Neji or Sakura?


Who is stronger Hinata or Neji?


What is the list of Nejirangers in the fan-fiction version?

The list of Jaden Sentai Nejiranger in the fan-fiction version are:Neji RedNeji BlackNeji BlueNeji YellowNeji PinkNeji SilverNeji Green (made from Yellow and Blue's DNA)Neji Purple (made from Blue and Red's DNA)Neji Orange (made from Red and Yellow's DNA)Neji Crimson (made from Red and Black's DNA)Neji Navy (made from Blue and Black's DNA)Neji White (made from Black's DNA)Neji Gold (made from Silver's DNA)Neji Rainbow (made from all colors; can duplicate and change any color of a Nejiranger)

Does Neji marry Ino?

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF?! They're like..The worst couple ever! No way. Ino should be with Shikamaru or Sai ;)

Who is stronger Neji or Hinata?

Neji is stronger.

Do Hinata and Neji get together?

No, but Neji does have a crush on her.

Do Neji and Teten like each other?

TenTen has a crush on Neji but Neji dsnt like her ...

Who is stronger Neji or lee?

well it would be neji because he has the byakugan but lee could go 5 gates and destroy neji but if neji could poke him and blow his chakra points neji could win. i would believe it would be neji but this question is pretty confusing. the answer up there is correct. but later on in the series, Neji could defeat Lee. In Shippuden, Neji could kill Lee within minutes. And even later than that, Lee cannot even make contact with Neji. Neji is Jounin, and Lee is Chuunin. Neji will own Lee like a dog As kids, Neji might just get a win. In shippuden Neji would destroy lee.

Who does neji kiss?

Neji never kissed anyone! But only Tenten has the largest chance to kiss neji, because the are always together and Tenten likes Neji!

Which toys were left out of the Denji Sentai Megaranger toyline?

The toys that were left out of Denji Sentai Megaranger toyline are: Megaranger six-pack: Mega Red w/ Drill Saber Mega Black w/ Mega Rod Mega Blue w/ Mega Tomahawk Mega Yellow w/ Mega Sling Mega Pink w/ Mega Capture Mega Silver w/ Silver Blazer Nejiranger six-pack: Neji Red w/ Neji Saber Neji Black w/ Neji Rod Neji Blue w/ Neji Tomahawk Neji Yellow w/ Neji Sling Neji Pink w/ Neji Arrow Neji Silver w/ Neji Blazer Nejiranger monster form six-pack: Neji Phantom w/ Neji Saber Neji Vulgar w/ Neji Rod Neji Bizarre w/ Neji Tomahawk Neji Sophia w/ Neji Sling Neji Jealous w/ Neji Arrow Neji Furio (silver version of Dr. Hinelar's monster form) w/ Neji Blazer Nejirejia: Dr. Hinelar Dr. Hinelar (monster form) Shibolena Bibidebi Kunekune Boss Kunekune Yugande Yugande Relieve Yugande Strong Burning Yugande Guirail Giga Guirail All the monsters of the day (episodes 2-49; excluding Boss Kunekune)

Do lee and Neji fight?

Do lee and neji fight?

Is Lucky stronger than Neji?

No, Neji is stronger.

Will Neji fight pein?

No Neji does not fight pein.

Is Neji related to Natsume?

No, Neji is not related to Natsume.

How do i play the best team on naruto-arena using Neji?

neji,neji (s),naruto (s)

Does neji get married?

No, so far Neji has not gotten married.

Does Neji beat Naruto at the battle?

no....naruto beats neji.

Is Neji in Naruto Shippuden?

Yes, Neji is in Naruto Shippuden.

Does Neji know Karin?

No, Neji and Karin never met.