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No one.... World War 3 either falls short of a winner, or the whole world ends. World War 4 would be fought with sticks and stones.

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Q: Who will win the world war three?
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Who would win in world war three china or US?


If world war three started who would win?

Today's "Global War on Terrorism" is considered by many, to be WW3.

Did the ANZAC's win the World war 1?

No they did not win the war

How many country were winner in World War 2?

how many country was win second world war? how many country was win second world war?

What battles did the allies win in world war?

Which World War?

Did french win World War I?

French didnt win the world war 1 because england won it

Did Poland Win With Germany In World War 2?

No, Germany didn't win the World War 2 at all.

How did the Germans try and win the war in world war 2?

they didnt win...

When was world war three?

Ummm...there is no such thing as World War Three, only World War One and World War Two.

How did the allies win World War 1 and World War 2?

We won

Did Netherlands win the war in World War 2?


Did Germany win the war in world war 2?


How did America entering World War 2 effect the world?

It helped win the war

What battles did Britain win in World War 2?

They won world war two.

What did the losers of World War I win?

The losers of world war 1?

Did japan win the World War 2?

Japan was defeated in World War II.

When did America win World War I?

America didn't fight in world war 1

Who did president roosevelt want to win World War 2?

FDR wanted the US , along with it's allies , to win the Second World War .

Who win in the World War I?

The Allies.

Is it quite possible to win World war 3?

World war 3 is almost impossible to but yes it's possible to win World war 3. There are only couple of ways to win this war, destroy the nukes and prevent the war from happening. Note: Nukes are very powerful so do not let them hit the ground.

When did world war three take place?

It didn`t. There was World War One from 1914-1918, and World War Two from 1939-1945, but World War Three has yet to occur.

Did Australia win World war 2?

Australia is one of the country's that won World war @

Did the Axis Powers win in World War 2?

No, the Allies won World War 2.

How did the Axis Forces win World War 1?

There was no Axis powers in World War I--and the Axis powers LOST World War II.

Why was the first gun made for World War 2?

To win the war