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Who won the American Revolution?

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The British Empire in the Americas had lost their supply routes, and were stranded, so the Americans had the advantage. They drove the British out, but with heavy losses. 25,000 Americans lost their lives in the process. The British lost 5,000 men.

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Who won the American Revolution- the British or the Americans?

The Americans won the American Revolution.

What was the British strategy for winning the American Revolution?

the American colonists won the American Revolution

Who won the American Revolution north or south?

I think you are referring to the Civil War in which the north won. In the American Revolution the sides were the colonies and Britain. The colonies won in that war.

What is 1 fact about the American revolution?

The American Colonists won.

Who won the American Revolution war?

the american's did

What country won the American Revolution?

the Americans

Who won American Revolution?

America won the war they used terminators

Who won the French versus American Revolution?

There is no French vs. American revolution. But the French and Indian war was won by the British colonies in America all with the help of Britain. This then led to the "taxation without representation" of the colonies and the American revolution.

Who won the battle of Princeton in the American revolution?

The Americans won the battle of Princeton

Who won the Battle of Georgetown in the American Revolution?

The British.

Was the American revolution won by technology?

no by guns and our forefathers

Did us win the American revolution?

Yes. We Amercians won the American Revalution!

Who won revolutionary war?

The American Revolution was won by the United States of America or the patriots.

How did geography effect the American revolution?

Who cares we won they lost!

How did the french-american alliance affect the American revolution?

The Frano-American Alliance won the American revolution. French money, weapons, ships and commanders were vital to the American victory.

Which battle won the Revolutionary War?

American Revolution War, which two countries were involved? who won?

Who won the battle of Freemans farm in the American Revolution?

The Americans won the Battle of Freeman's Farm.

How did us citizens feel about french revolution?

Having just won the American revolution they were "with" their French brothers.

Who were the winners of the American Revolution?

The Colonists won their independence from Great Britain.

What was the war in which the US won its independence from Great Britain?

The American Revolution

What was the war called when America won its independence?


Who won battle of Trenton during American revolution war?


Who won the battle of Yorktown and what was its significant?

It was won by the Americans (with the help of the French Navy) and was the end of the American Revolution.

What two battles did the British win during the American Revolution?

they won 243

Who won the battle at Richmond Virginia in the American Revolution?

The Confederate States had this victory.