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The US won the Korean War and South Korea is a republic similar to ours. The US did not win the Korean war. See "Who actually won the Korean War?" Better answer. South Korea won the Korean War With the Help of Britain, Autralia and USA Neither side won the Korean War, although at first it seems like North Korea was winning and then the South was. It was a tie because there was a stalemate for two years between the two sides.

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Q: Who won the Korean War and did South Korea become communist?
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Related questions

Did South Korea want to be communist?

South Korea fought communist during Korean War.

Is a part of Korea communist?

The Korean peninsula is divided into two countries: North Korea and South Korea. North Korea is communist, but South Korea is not communist.

How was the Korean a war to stop communism?

North Korea was and remains a communist nation, and in 1950 it invaded the non-communist nation of South Korea. The UN acted to defeat the invasion. South Korea as a result did not become communist.

Why did North Korea attak South Korea?

To "Liberate" South Korea is the main reason for the North to attack. The North, which became communist after the Korean peninsula was freed from Japanese rule, wanted South Korea to become communist as well.

Why was the us and china involved in the Korean war?

The US supported South Korea and communist China supported communist North Korea. The US did not condone North Korean attack on South Korea, but China condone North Korea's attack on South Korea.

What are the differences between the North and South Korean War?

North Korea is a communist nation. South Korea is not.

What was the Korean War over?

The Korean was was a battle between North Korea (who were communist) and South Korea (who Were capitalist) both wanting to unify Korea under their own government.Communist North Korea trying to conquer NON-Communist South Korea.

Why the US fought in the Korean War?

stop the spread of communism To prevent the communist North Korean take over of the free nation of South Korea. To prevent South Korea from becoming Communist To prevent North Korea from taking South Korea

What did North Korea do to South Korea?

North Korea attacked South Korea in the Korean war and Korea has been separated in 2 countries from then! North Korea is a Communist, and South Korea is a anti-communist like North America.

Why are the Korea's separated?

because of the Korean war. north Korea was communist while south Korea was democratic.

Who was at war in the Korean War?

The republic of South Korea backed by the US and communist North Korea backed by communist china.

Why did the cold war become a hot war in the Korean war?

The USA supported South Korea, and the Soviet Union & Communist China backed North Korea.

How did the Koreans in the Korean War have a conflict?

Communist North Korea wanted to re-unite with it's NON-Communist relative in the South (South Korea). In June 1950, NORTH Korean Forces invaded SOUTH Korea, in an attempt to take the country by force.

What events lead to the Korean civil war?

Communist North Korean's attempt of conquest of South Korea.

What was the struggle between communist north Korea and free south Korea from 1950-1953?

The Korean War

Who was the US trying to help during the Korean war?

South Korea, as north Korea is a communist state.

What were North Korea's goal during the Korean war?

To unite North and South Korean under a communist government.

Is South Korea a communist country?

North Korea is communist, South Korea is democratic. Which means South Korea is not a communist.^0^

Is South Korea communist country?

North Korea is communist, South Korea is democratic. Which means South Korea is not a communist.^0^

Can a Burmese become a Korean actress when she goes to Korea?

um... 1. Which Korea are you talking about... North Korea or South Korea? 2. When you've lived in either Korea long enough and can 'pass' as a North/South Korean, and can actually act, then I suppose you could become a North/South Korean actress.

Who is communist north Korea or south Korea?

North Korea is Communist and South Korea is Capitalist

What was the overall gaol of the US during the Korean war?

To unite Korea under the non-communist South Korean government.

What is the ties to today from the Korean war?

Communist North Korea and Non-Communist South Korea are still separated at the 38th Parallel by the Armistice signed in 1953.

What were the countries in the Korean war fighting for?

Communist North Korea was invading to reunify the country. Free South Korea was fighting to ward off Communist aggression.

Who was communist North or South Korea?

North Korea is communist South Korea is capitalist