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The Revolutionary War was an astounding occurrence in a world sill dominated by kings. It established the first important republic since Rome in the middle of what at the time was a wilderness far from Europe. It was a war that the British could have easily avoided had King George and his advisors been willing to show the least flexibility. Many in Britain objected to the War and a minority of Americans wanted independence at the time the war began. It was also a war that the American colonists won by the slimmest of margins against the most powerful country in the world. The Americans succeeded in their struggle only because they were aided by a French king who was opposed to offering the same liberties to his people that the Americans were demanding from their king. The American Revolution is a struggle that has been somewhat lost as a result of the much greater scholarly interest in America on the Civil War. As a result, most American's view the war through simplistic primary school readings which obscure the tremendously complicated course of events that led to the War and creation of America. English scholars, perhaps because Britain lost the War, have given it almost no scholarly attention.

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Who won the Revolutionary War in America?

The Americans won the revolutionary war in America.

Who was the revoltionary war won by?

The British won the revolutionary war!

What if America won the Revolutionary war?

America did win their Revolutionary War, or what is called "the War of Independence".

Who won in the Revolutionary War in Saratoga?

so then who won

What will America win after the Revolutionary War?

After the Revolutionary War America won freedom from Britain.

Who won the new york wars in the Revolutionary War?

The British won this war.

Who won the revoluntionary war?

The US won the revolutionary war against Britain

What war was our independence won?

Revolutionary War, in which the USA won its independence from Britain.

Who won Trenton in Revolutionary War?


Who won the American Revolutionary War The British or the Americans?

The American won the Revolutionary War against the British with help of the French troops.

What war won American freedom?

The revolutionary war

Who Won the Battle of Montreal in the Revolutionary War?

The Americans won

Who helped the Americans to won Revolutionary War against the British?

The American won the Revolutionary War against the British with help of the French troops.

What side won the Revolutionary War?

The colonists won the war and created the United States.

How did you win the war?

we won the revolutionary war by defeting the british!!!!!!!

When was the Revolutionary War won?

At Yorktown in 1783.

Who won the philadelphia Revolutionary War?


Did French get something when they won the Revolutionary War?

No they did not

Give you a sentence with revolutionary in it?

the British surrendered, then the English won the revolutionary war.

Who won the most battles in the Revolutionary War?

Americans won more

Which battle won the Revolutionary War?

American Revolution War, which two countries were involved? who won?

Who won the war Great Britain or the U Scolonies?

The American colonists won the Revolutionary War.

What war did the french and American fight in during the Revolutionary War?

they both fought in the battle of yorktown. it was the last war in the revolutionary war and we won

What happened in the revolutionary war that starts with W?

We won.

American Revolutionary War history?

America won