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The Patriots!

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Q: Who won the battle of Princeton in 1777?
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When was the Battle of Princeton fought?

The battle of Princeton happened on January 3, 1777.

When did Battle of Princeton happen?

Battle of Princeton happened on 1777-01-03.

Who won the Battle of Princeton?

The Americans won the Battle of Princeton.

When did the Princeton battle end?

January 3, 1777

What were the dates of the battle of Princeton?

January 3, 1777

Battle of Princeton?

a battle fought in New Jersey January 3rd, 1777

Who won the battle of Princeton in the American revolution?

The Americans won the battle of Princeton

Who won the battle at Princeton's?

The battle of Princeton was won by Americans against the British.

Who won in Princeton?

the American won at the battle of Princeton

What year was the battle of Trenton and Princeton?

December 1776 - January 1777

What was the battle of Princeton about?

The Battle of Trenton took place in Trenton, New Jersey during the American Revolutionary War. The result was an American victory. The Battle of Princeton took place on January 3, 1777 in Princeton, New Jersey. This was also an American victory.

What was the length of the battle of Princeton?

The Battle of Princeton lasted for one day. This battle took place during the American Revolution and began and ended on January 3, 1777.