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The Union(North).

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What was the first battle that was won by the union?

Fort Donelson

Who won the US Civil War Battle of Fort Donelson?

The Union won the victory against Fort Donelson

What state was the battle of Donelson fought in?

Ft. Donelson is in Tennessee.

When was the battle of fort donelson?

The Battle of Fort Donelson was fought on February 14-15, 1862.

Who won the civil war battle of fort donelson?

The Union forces as Fort Donelsson surrendered to U.S. Grant.

Who won the civil war battle in fort donelson?

The Union army under U.S. Grant. This was the battle where he demanded 'Unconditional Surrender', which became his nickname.

Where was the Battle of Fort Donelson?


What was the first victory that the Union in the Civil War won?

the unions first victory was at fort donelson otherwise known as the battle of Shiloh or the battle of Pittsburgh landing

How many days did the battle of fort donelson last?

The battle of Donelson lasted for 5 days. It was fought on February 11 to 16, 1862.

What battle did Ulysses S. Grant win?

He captured Fort Henry on the Tennessee River and Fort Donelson on the Cumberland River.He won the battle of Shiloh, Vicksburg, and Appomattox.

What was the nickname of the battle of Fort Donelson?

The Red Bath

What is the date for the battle of Fort Donelson?

February 12-16, 1862

Where wa the battle of fort donelson fought?

Tennessee's fort Henry

Who won the battle of ft henry and ft donelson grants rising star?

Grant won both those battles. After the second one, he suddenly became a star, when the public responded well to his demand for 'unconditional surrender'.

What time of day did the battle of fort donelson take place?

The Battle of Fort Donelson broke out on February 14, 1862 at 3,30 PM, when the Union gunboats of Commodore Foote opened fire on the Fort's ramparts..

How long did the battle of donelson last?

The battle occured on February 11 to 16, 1862. The battle only lasted 5 days.

Why did the Battle of Shiloh turn into a battle?

Because that was where the Confederates had been able to re-group after their defeat at Fort Donelson.

What were the number of casualties in the 1862 US Civil War battle at Fort Donelson?

Casualties for the Union at the Battle of Fort Donelson amounted to 2, 832. On the Confederate side, because of their surrender, the Confederates lost 16,623 soldiers.

Who won fame with the capture of fort donelson and fort Henry?

U.S. Grant

Which general won victories for the union at fort Henry and fort donelson?

Ulysses Grant.

When and where was the battle of Fort Donelson fought?

The battle of Fort Donelson was fought on Feb. 14 and 15, 1862. The Confederate Commander, Gen. Buckner surrendered the following day. The battle took place in the State of Tennessee, on the western bank of the Tennessee river, about 5 kilometres north of the town of Dover.

What battle was a union victory?

The Battle of Gettysburg, Battle of Bull Run, and Battle of Fort Donelson were all Union victories during the Civil War. In addition, the Battle of Shiloh was a Union victory.

What Civil War battles were won by Grant?

Battle of Fort DonelsonBattle of ShilohSiege of VicksburgThird Battle of ChattanoogaOverland CampaignSiege of PetersburgAppomattox CampaignThe Overland Campaign was a series of battles, The Wilderness, Spotsylvania, North Anna, and Cold Harbor, leading to the siege of Petersburg.Lee won most of these battles, inflicting horrible losses on Grant.

Who won the battle of Gonzalez?

The Texans won this battle. The Texans won this battle.

Where was the first big battle of the war fought at other than Manassas Junction?

the battle of bunker hill IMPROVEMENT. The Battle of Fort Donelson, fought in February 1862.

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