American Revolution

Who won the battle the loyalist or the patriots?


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The patriots won the battle when they made the Declaration of Independence.

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the patriots won this battle

The patriots won have battle.

Yes, the patriots won!!!!

the loyalist were people that kept loyal to the king. fought against the rebels (patriots ),because they didnt want great Britain to have independence. the patriots won the independence from the loyalist.

The patriots (American soldiers who supported the war) won the Battle of Trenton.

The patriots had a number advantage and won.

What have in common the Patriots and the Loyalists?

Neutral ^ that's wrong loyalist is someone who was loyal to Great Brittan and a patriot was someone who was against Great Brittan. After the Revolutionary war the patriots won and that is how the 13 colonies became the USA.

loyalist are rich and patriots aren't.

The patriots! This was the final battle, if the patriots didn't win there may not be an America today! It was independence day!

The patriots separated family's and the loyalist didn't like the way the patriots are giving them freedom hope this is the answer u r looking for :)

The battle of Yorktown was the biggest turning point and last battle. The Patriots won their independence after that

the loyalist is against the patriots

The battle of Sullivan's Island was a very important battle. The patriots/americans won. The patriots had a decisive win. A decisive win is a win of where the opponent has given up, therefore you winning.

to spt on the patriots

patriots had freedom from the king loyalist were required to stay by the kings side. Patriots had it a lot better!!!

patriot=reble loyalist=loyal to king of England

No, loyalists are loyal to king, patriots want war.

George Washington and the Patriots. Hope this helps.

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